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new balance saleHow To Make The Best Use Of Air ConditioningA comfortable working environment for your employees is vital in ensuring that they remain a happy and motivated workforce. Furthermore, if employees are relaxed they are more likely to be able to continue with their day-to-day tasks with minimum fuss.One of the solutions that will help to keep offices cool at work is to rent air con units, although the main problem with this is the fact that these air con units consume a lot of energy.The British Council of Offices recently stated that businesses in particular are responsible for over 20% of the UK carbon emissions.Despite these figures, air con units can still help to ensure the smooth running of the workplace during the summer months.

 It is even more vital for companies to ensure that they get the best possible energy use out of their units.If businesses already have air con units installed, there are various steps that they can take to ensure they perform efficiently.Furthermore, Business Link, the government business advice portal suggested that air con units need to be inspected on a regular basis.Moreover, businesses that already have air con units over 12 kilowatts need to ensure that they have had their first inspection by January 4th 2011.After the initial inspection, businesses are expected to have their air con units inspected every 5 years. For those systems installed on or after January 1st 2008 will need to ensure that their units receive an inspection within five years of installation.

new balance sale The relevant inspections will need to be carried out by a recognised air con assessor, this will allow companies to operate their air con units more efficiency and to reduce their electricity usage.In addition to an inspection, there are a wide range of steps that firms can take to ensure that they manage their systems effectively.One of the ways that efficiency can be improved which is stated by Business Link is through switching off unnecessary electrical equipment and reducing excessive draughts, by ensuring windows are shut when the air con is operating and by using window blinds to reduce any heat entering the premises.Firms can also look into using temporary air conditioning units for the summer months.Furthermore, businesses can gain as a result of maintaining air conditioning units as it helps them to cut costs and also illustrates to their business stakeholders that they have green credentials.Small things that companies can do to reduce their carbon footprint are simple such as turning lights off, recycling paper and turning off computers after use

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