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Miami 99-88 win over the Bobcats at home, made the playoffs start. Regular-season consecutive truce was demonstrated by Wade Golden State match 16-for-10, three-point 2 in 1 in 23 points and 5 assists. Wade is born in the big players, the playoffs were killed by heat are the strongest return. It is worth mentioning that, to hit 10 balls and keep your 60% more than hits, which is 17th in the playoffs Wade. Regular season, new balance 1400 uk Wade has been in a State of rest, what can maintain the ability to respond to the playoffs, you also need the big question mark. "Now I am much better than last season at this time," Wade said optimism, "now I hope I can start here, in the first round of the playoffs to have a better health than when last season's game against the bucks last season I got a truce on the Bucks ' road games. "Coach Spokane is also giving sufficient trust for love:" Wade's playing time will have no limits, I'm going to read the reactions of his body.

Last 6 minutes, 53 seconds, while Bobcats was struggling. Wade in the sphere of Defense three-point line shipping, parading a dummy preparation break,new balance 1500 sale the opponent did not eat fake. Wade a back step directly, to the three-point line was directly outside the three-point shot, the ball in the air, draw a beautiful arc! Hollow network! The ball into the, the heat leading by 15 points, Bobcat mental line of defense collapsed. The American Airlines Center into boiling, tangled and Lynx had half the field, then you can have peace of mind after reading the next game. Wade has been completely open, remember threes is Wade playoffs this season for the first three minutes, and was the first recorded since February 4, Wade into threes. Then Wade killing small drop to the basket to score again, the heat had a 20 point lead, rise of killing Wade, at the end of the game when Defender accelerated staged break through storm buckle score, once-familiar Flash back.

As long as Dwyane Wade broke out, I'm afraid no one can stop. Knee no problem? That ran two step, sect staged again drama, he and James, after James ball, Wade lead into the basket, Wade has been completely painless. Section III poor Roberts was playing Wade, Wade was a turning to the right, immediately back to the left, Roberts has been around and disoriented. Wade line the basket, in the face of biyongbo defense, thought of another potential heavy storms pull vigorously, but Wade or choose a more balanced layup. For the heat, there's nothing more important than to usher in a healthy Wade. Like he started dominating the atmosphere of mobilization of fans, like Miami's team spirit, is back.
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