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WE ARE NOT ALL BAD Not all the people who sell their items to others on are bad people. There are a lot of petty people who make up things because they have nothing else to do but exaggerate the true story. Don't let people make your decisions for you. It seems like a good idea helping out others by giving them a "heads up", but don't forget, you can't trust everyone's word on here.   ALSO, with some digging around, it seems like it's just the one person who has been creating a bunch of hate lists. They run the buyer-beware, beware-beware, beware, bbclosetisabiatch and whatever other hate list that they have going on List4all. This person goes around asking people about items on their lists PRETENDING to have interest in them, only to post fake things about them to those webpages about how rude they are. She goes by the email and probably other emails as well.
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