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Wipes Warmer/Crib items organizer

Wipes Warmer/Crib items organizer.  Just loved this so much for years!  You can warm wipes, fabulous for new babies!  I found later this wasn't as important for me, so I unplugged it and just plopped in a pack of wipes.  Holds tons of wee diapers (2 wide) and bigger sizes go 1 wide and hold quite a few!  Keeps all your necessities for changes etc at your fingertips!
Wipes Warmer/Crib items organizerWipes Warmer/Crib items organizerWipes Warmer/Crib items organizer
Item #: 20
Price: $8.00 (CAD)
Status: Available
Number in stock: 1
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Last update: 11 years ago
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