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Get the double Queen, evergrande has the team to generate this season's bonus policy. In the AFC game, the "3103" bonus policy, that is, win prize money of 3 million per game, tying award of 1 million, lose not going unpunished, qualified for the round of bonuses of 3 million. Each winning one more ball, 1 million bonus the team of "winning glory for the country." Last season, the evergrande bonuses as high as 148 million, group stages alone would receive 50 million Yuan. In addition, evergrande in v supra skytop 1 review   the 2012 season, the AFC game quarterfinals, but their total bonus up to 63 million Yuan, which match up to 41 million dollars. Penalty does not enter, hit the crossbar, Guangzhou evergrande moment again and again. Yesterday evening in the center of celestial bodies the AFC finals second leg, although ultimately based on 2:1 reversal of Western Sydney Rangers, but Guangzhou evergrande in the case of 2:2 aggregate, were eliminated because there is no away goals, ending the

Season's AFC Champions campaign. In 2012, Guangzhou evergrande is eliminated in the AFC finals battle at home. When they lost to Al Ittihad 2:4 on the road back home need to qualify for a 2:0 victory over, but in the end failed to save innocent, and regret by 2:1 score wins out. Yesterday's game, too, because 0:1 defeat away from home, evergrande also needs a 2:0 victory over the score, but in last night's first goal, remains of Western Sydney. On 57 minutes, sent a long ball after Western Sydney, Matteo brighi offside rushed into the area to attack the Zeng Cheng Jet, had been tripped out bridge. Feng xiaoting out in front, but still show a yellow card to the Zeng Cheng and the referee award a penalty, Ulrich penalty push hits. Conceding Guangzhou station at the top of the cliff, they need to score 3 goals to qualify. Guangzhou evergrande

In hand will qualify for the initiative in the first half, but bad luck, unable to grasp the opportunity. 31 minutes, aierkesen after a run into the area down by opponents, the referee awarded penalty, aierkesen fencing penalty was saved by goalkeeper himself. Before that Gilardino once faced the goalkeeper right foot volley shot  cheap supra s1whad rebounded off the crossbar. Evergrande has missed two golden chances in the first half. Say, evergrande despite depleted team and head coach was suspended for this field, but the team did play to avenge the bloody, 90-minute performance of the season, the best. Although the opponents scored a penalty, but evergrande has remained unmoved, maintaining a persistent pressure on opponents, could see before the game they are psychologically prepared for responding to accidents. After conceding just 4 minutes, Diamanti after Alberto Gilardino's flicked volley NET far corner. Injury phase, aierkesen

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