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ATS note version of the shoe. Converse again recently with Greece-American designer John Varvatos cooperation, on the basis of its classic Hi-High-Tops, creating a pair of "Metallic Finish Weapon" shoe. This style with high quality leather to create upper and gave their fashion sense and strong metal matte black color and a series of iconic old was done with smoke, with previous similar Weapon '86 series, and supra tk society white    has a greater sense of Grunge. The Converse by John Varvatos spring/summer will be only in the designer's site famous Italy footwear brand Sergio Rossi2014 spring/summer interpretation of innovative ideas, launched the first Cruise line to explore design and decorative arts of the early 70 's, and contemporary approach to interpretation. This series and brand Director of design Ang

Elo Ruggeri handicraft tradition and detail-focused Foundation, through continuous improvement of the brand's style was applied to age (eclecticism) eclecticism, presenting a multi-faceted series, different combinations of materials and colors to highlight the design lines. This season's stiletto heels reflects the style of the pyramid-shaped, curved lines integrated with interesting geometric shapes subtly contrasted to create balance and harmony of the United States. Inspired by the aesthetics of that time universal, this series has two common themes: using a variety of elements, and a kaleidoscope of unique laws, creating more dramatic lines and effects. Cutout Sandals I used bamboo, a natural element and comparative metal details; giraffe or Zebra lines Roman Sandals stingrays skin using natural elements. In order to emphasize the elements of nature, which

A range of animal print is enabled again and pendants to create a visual illusion using luxury, inspired by Gi such well-known artists Ponti, exquisite inlaid process adopted at the pony skin create Camo colour matching abstract sense. Kaleidoscope designs inspired by the vibrant color combinations, similar to Russia painter Sergei Poliakoff piece, or combination of playful designs interior designer David Hicks, through a more natural "Vienna straw" textile materials show. 3D Jacquard print suede sandal  supra skytop 3 for sale  also uses the same design as a whole, and reforged into the original geometric designs. Evening shoes decorated with exquisite crystal, dotted with bright light foot. 'Climbing vines' Sandals black diamond dangling around his ankles, without any support, the concept design combines two themes of inspiration, brand manual

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