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Jackson is not the coach of the Knicks, his identity is to be the President, but it did prevent him from coaching the players. When Anthony    discount new balance 576   offseason in past seasons, fishing show, and body shape. But spurred on by Jackson, Anthony active weight loss this summer, thin like a rookie. It is clear that Anthony is to call the Knicks players, wants to be a leader in the action.

"If you asked me to define the triangle offense or the Knicks, that players must be selfless. Players need to play with brain, clear understanding of the situation on the field,   new balance 1300 cheap   there is team spirit. Attack time need to transfer the ball, you need to hit balls available. When defending, the player must help each other, echoed, each will either create an offensive foul, or a CAP, anyway, and if you as a whole. , "Jackson said.

"In the triangle offense, not only is Cameron (Anthony) needed to adapt, is Michael (Jordan) will also have to adapt to. Game shots is limited, and if a player is 28 shots a game or more, accounted for one-third of the entire team,  cheap new balance 579   other players don't play. Cameron and I talked, and he indicated they do not want every team scored on their own saving, he wants to get help in assists, rebounds, these data improve yourself. , "Jackson said.

"JR Smith is the guy in and out of some of the problems, is immature, he's kind of like Dennis Rodman. First of all, I have to do is to communicate with him, everybody become acquainted first, and then find a way to help him become a useful player. Of course, there are other results, such as our communication is not valid. , "Jackson said. Rodman is a very tough guy, tamed the bull, used for Jackson.

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