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D&G was launched in 1994, as Deputy of the Dolce&Gabbana line, renewal of spirit brands at the same time, adding humorous elements of the wild, in order to attract young people, wild Leopard once a D&G representation of patterns, European-style young people want a pop icon. D&G Thunder has greatly exceeded its first-line brand. Trivial to describe the brand is not excessive,  discount nike air yeezy 2 uk     known as two of the best fashion Duo brand designers to its eccentric fashion style has conquered a large number of young people. Both in style and color, and looks a lot younger. In design, extensive use of a variety of flexible material, combined with bright colours, make its clothing is hip and easy to wear. D&G also embody the spirit of young people, represents the younger style of freedom, individuality, and sometimes with some taste of rebellion.

The year is 1963. Driven by curiosity, Denmark Shoemaker, Karl · Bill Cosby hopes in the footwear field bursting to pursue newer ideas and generate more likely.  air jordan 11 uk cheap   So he sold all his property in Copenhagen and resigned from the job, Birte and daughter aged five with his wife Hanni moved to in Denmark's small Southern Jutland town of Bredebro. There, he bought a vacant plant, started construction of the shoe factory.

Initially, the new Denmark shoe factory produced shoes, similar to a border and other brands in the industry, are some of today's most popular styles. Karl · sudden Bill Cosby are determined to break with tradition. He was the first to propose "shoes must conform to feet" concept of shoe people,  cheap air jordan 3 uk   and it is precisely this idea laid the ECCO's mission in the future. In the 1960 of the 20th century to the early 70 's the ever-changing fashion trends: one day or a short skirt tight boots, patent leather flat shoes were replaced the next day, followed by thick-soled shoes began leading the way. In such an environment, the factory adhere to its own development. Nonetheless, Karl · Bill Cosby is still gushing vowed to pursue their dreams of footwear, hoping to comfort, excellent quality and comfortable styles in footwear of a pair of great value.

Started production of the shoes are named after Venus, but due to copyright conflicts, Karl · break Bill Cosby and Ejnar Truelsen, Chief Designer decided to find a new name for the brand. They hope the new brand name is composed of two syllables, easy to read, whether Denmark language or other languages can be easily pronounced. Meanwhile, they gained their inspiration from Coca-Cola's brand identity and hope that your company will have a very clear brand identity at the beginning, they changed its name to the brand Ecco'let, and this name remained in use until 1978, then replacement is now known as ECCO.

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