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new balance 574 women trainers female players need to wear

Our opponents in midfield and a lot of people, we can find very little space, but our performance was very good, eventually ended in a draw game. Now we are   new balance 990 womens running shoes      prepared to the next game against Cesena, we strive to achieve our goal. " In the end, Torres still did not forget to praise his coach: "Inzaghi is in any case a great striker, he would give me a lot of help, will make me better."

Incheon Asian Games women's basketball group a qualifying match Qatar on Mongolia's game, because Qatar women's basketball team refused to take off the headscarf, banned by the Organizing Committee to play, be sentenced to 0:20 directly. According to the international basketball Federation (FIBA) rules only allow players to wear a 5 cm wide headband to ward off hair and sweat. Due to religious customs reasons,  new balance 574 women trainers   female players need to wear a headscarf in Muslim countries participate in the competition, but FIBA has not agreed. In fact, FIFA instead of the original tougher lead modifications pilot female athletes could be headscarves from the 2012 competition, and in March this year after the end of the trial period, officially adopted this resolution.

Asian Games women's basketball game, Qatar team officials will use the example of FIFA trying to convince FIBA to change: "We hope that in the future   womens new balance 993 running shoes   the FIBA could change the rules in football, handball, volleyball and other games have no such provisions, but does not allow us to basketball competition. "In fact, FIBA are considering this issue. According to the associated press on September 16, the international basketball authorities have said, players will be allowed for religious reasons to wear a headscarf in some games, such as Muslim women wearing the veil or headscarf.

The report said new rules during the trial, one of the National Basketball Association must apply to the FIBA, allowed their players to wear a headscarf. Once approved, the country's Basketball Association needs to submit subsequent reports every two years. However, due to the regulations of the time too short, Qatar women's basketball has not been notified, and even get notifications, complete the vetting within just a few days too late. Perhaps, at the Rio games, fans can see basketball players wearing the hijab.

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