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boots wearing? reporter under cover


Using quality materials and advanced construction and incorporated into players ' individual opinions, Nike basketball team is proud to represent the most advanced technology of the three pair of signature shoes from this series would become public. About boots, many people immediately associated with it and the Earth, remembered their old style, color of monotony. This was very popular in the last century the personal rain gear, don't know since when does gradually faded from view. When it rains,  supra skytop 1 review   don't wear rain boots wearing? reporter under cover, as well as the usual observation, if the rain, everyone dressed like a sunny day; meet cloudy, largely dominated by wearing leather shoes, sneakers, sandals. In an interview with journalists came to the Mall in Nanchang, CRV and a number of shopping arcades selling shoe Department too few turns around and found wide variety shoes leather,

sports shoes, styles, only traces of traditional rain boot is hard to find. Salesman heard that journalists want to buy boots, smiled and said: "these days, who else is wearing boots to soil. Fear of wet shoes, buy expensive waterproof shoes. "When it comes to rain boots out of reason, he said, many respondents believed that now the downtown streets has hardened and equipped with drainage facilities, water rarely even in the face of continuous rainfall, rain boots useless. At the same time, traffic is more convenient, as many people out choose to drive or ride in the rain, which would not have rain boots. Devon Wade-Li-Ning shoes recently chosen was Lei Feng Memorial Day release, the Miami Herald journalist Joseph-Goodman, in response to the report. Goodman reported that Wade new shoe called the sacrifice paid tribute to Lei feng, interpretation of the spirit of Miami. Goodman joked, would not have bought Wade's shoes, but this time consider buying two pairs.

However, in a number of online stores, boots sales presents a different story. Login to Taobao, enter "boots" the word emerged as high as tens of thousands of pieces, ranging in price from 10 to thousands of dollars. Wade new shoe in the Lei Feng day, some nationalistic flavour. Lei feng's day was established to commemorate the Liberation Army soldier Lei feng. Lei Feng is the iconic poster of the Communist Party of China cheap supra s1w figures, he is noted for its selfless quality. His nickname, if translated into English is "sacrifice". Lei feng was willing to make small and important things for the masses. If described in basketball terms, he is adhesive-type figure. Anyway, Wade new shoe called the "sacrifice" aimed at paying tribute to Lei feng. If placed under the background of t

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