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with bound feet very eye-catching yellow


A better body, exposing the socks is the really sketchy mix, sports shoes filled with casual atmosphere. Bread and cotton-padded clothes + pants + shoes with bound feet bread and simple atmosphere of the cotton-padded clothes are clean girl's favorite single product, green pants with bound feet very eye-catching yellow sneakers are best choice for Han Feng, a small bag on his back, NO age effect 1. Horn button cotton-padded clothes + pants + shoes Horn with bound feet into the cheap supra shoes cotton-padded clothes seem vibrant, scarf match so that we can easily be cutesy, little feet pants elongate MM leg line, Brown sneakers high quality rendering, mix a little bag, is a college wind show. Tang said that if the World Cup as a marketing, look and more are cutting business, that is, to marketing and sales, just join in the fun. Associative in these enterprises is a large hand

Pen, Ronaldinho endorsements are consistent with its international routes, however heavily under the invitation of Ronaldinho can bring much to the Association's visibility and reputation? In fact whether it is clothes or fast-moving consumer goods, spokesman for compliance with the product positioning is the first issue, the star, no matter how big, as when he has more endorsements, not as a candidate, because it will give rise to confusion. To see Ronaldinho, hopes he has stayed in the world during the World Cup for more than 50 kinds of products, there is also no lack of household electrical appliances. Lenovo is a global brand, want to open international markets, bombarded these ads in the States during the World Cup, imagine when people see ads when Ronaldinho, will not immediately think of the Lenovo brand. Actually I may ask a small star

, At least on the Lenovo brand, or put more and more top World Soccer Association President, so more popular high-end business branding concept. "From the clothing sector, seven wolves before Real Madrid star short of endorsement and associate this marketing move actually the same. Septwolves sponsored  supra vaider shoes canadaReal Madrid to 5.007 billion cost of inputs at a time, at home, or even the Asia-Pacific region, with 7 million Yuan to list of largest stars have more than enough, and seven wolves just not sportswear, though its advertising to do good, but followed ingredients greater marketing and promotional component smaller. Any marketing if it cannot be combined with the brand positioning, reputation, in fact are only conceptual marketing, rather than pragmatic marketing. "New Balance can break into the fashion scene is also a miracle, Ne

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