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artistic style, as long as it is the footwear


Into new fashion elements to be drawn from civilian shoes in blink of an eye it changes into era's version of Cinderella shoes, just like the personification of magic. And from the shoe industry professionally, more accurately, is finished in a solid color with certain paint upper surface is extended to the sole outside painting all kinds of patterns, images integration, a pair of graffiti shoes fashion trend was  womens nike air max running shoes born. Pictorial images of this pair of shoes is a comic cartoon, landscape drawings, decorative or artistic style, as long as it is the footwear market and consumer groups expressed taste blend of ideas can be. It is said that the hand-painted shoes originated in Paris, France is coming from, and graffiti painted shoes may no longer be the industry calls fashion products of the information age. Now, hand-painted shoes apparently more and more mature, already is essential for the younger generation the trend of choice

。 Its distinctive artistic feature and value of, and in accordance with such a novel concept of cultural tastes, and in due course to be combined with the current fashion of low carbon concept in this shoe is bound to trigger a unique fad storms in the area. Indeed, throughout Europe, America, Korea and Japan fashion shoes industry, China's stage of development is in a new wave of creative graffiti shoes, buy nike air max 1 em high profile prospects. But in terms of current footwear market, graffiti, hand-painted shoes also to be mining and forging deeper cultural, innovative choreography like pattern. Only by constantly explore new areas of fashion elements, continue to meet the needs of times graffiti philosophy, more strongly entrenched to make graffiti painted shoes footwear industry as a whole new market. Needless to say, graffiti, hand-painted shoes must be based on the current market situation, and consumer groups have become increasingly prominent in the taste,

Graffiti combined with excellent Chinese culture, to create a leading brand footwear market new legend. Broaden the market vision to create hand-painted brand new mythology expert who says, "information will be hand-painted shoes new impetus for the development of", however, in today's era of information technology, how do you own hand-painted shoes fashion DNA, how to build a unique brand personality? This has left a deeply tortured to the shoe. But there is no doubt that graffiti painted shoes youth consumption in the domestic market potential is unparalleled. Although hand-painted shoes on the domestic market in China is just driving fast lane and market which has been sought after for sure, there are markets questioned, but the leap is just around the corner. The traditional technical outdoor brand shoes, casual shoes, fashion sneakers have emerged every corner of the market, or

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