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2013-14 season Italy serie a 34th-round competition. Host 3-0 victory over Livorno San Siro Stadium AC Milan team, League achieved 5 consecutive victories for the first time since the November 2011, Livorno 6-wheel would only get 1 home and swallow 5-game losing streak was bitter. Balotelli fired a single shot, talabute and Pazzini substitute appearance each scored a goal, Lamy also had a header hit the doorway to balance 574 women  This field game is two home ball will of 36th times are game confrontation, previously AC Milan team to 14 WINS 14 flat 7 negative occupy obviously advantage, actually since January 2005 Hou Livorno in near 9 field versus in the is not has WINS performance, but in recently 3 war in the is is all to draw ended, certainly Livorno team in zhiqian 17 times for guest St West Rowe Shi only made poor 1 WINS, and also is in June 1942 got of, in other words recently 9 times guest war Milan team is not have a WINS. This service, AC Milan team Tian Guiyou, Chaaraoui and Michael continue to hurt, out, Robinho appeared again after 42 days later, Abat also injury Balotelli remain as single-arrow; Livorno midfielder Biagianti penalty suspended, Mbaye, Lhosy and gemidi all had injuries in carrying out mianzhanpai.


4 minute aimeijiala shot out the bottom line. new balance 580 uk The 10 minute, Kaka large area blast was plugging directly to the left. Then, talabute slightly higher 28 meters to my right foot volley from beams. The 13 minute, open thanks to a free kick Montolivo road, Lamy ball header hit the crossbar pop-up Balotelli distal small angle shot from flying out to the right. After 17 minutes, Gray's left foot shots outside the University area out of the bottom line. Immediately, Piccini and face-off DeJongh fell down in the penalty area, but referee Irati refused a penalty. After 21 minutes, Deng Kenfang talabute gets doubled. After 3 minutes, DeJongh side rear Paulinho also gets down, iron back in Milan next match because of accumulated yellow card suspension. After 25 minutes, baoliniaoda rush shooting misses outside the restricted area.


27 minutes, baluotelida the edge of the box the right foot to shoot far post ball touch defensive players fly out the bottom line. 3 minutes later, Kaka left the restricted area is another tuishe, the ball struck the remote column out of just about. After 31 minutes, Rinaudo cerebral eating a yellow card after elbowing Balotelli behind. Then talabute straight passes, Robinho put jinjiao Rinaudo out on the bottom line. On 34 minutes, Abat restricted online BA sent down Mace threatens the free kick opportunity. Paulinho's free kick shot high. The 39 minute, Naxi tactics combined with high exclusion zone front left corner shot the ball go straight to the corner flag. For 43 minutes, Constance road, on the left, and Mario Balotelli on a small closed area line pressure Mesba qiangdian head-butt the ball into the right corner of the goal. First game, AC Milan team lead 1-0 Livorno teams entering the break.
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