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they can directly match a looser version

Busty figure what to wear high heels? Boots collocation photo appearance in fashion magazine rates very high, over the knee boots this year is undoubtedly the most glittering trend footwear. If MM doesn't know how to match boots, might as well learn the fashion boots collocation method of taking in a picture. Xiaobian collected a lot of fashion boots matching pictures, tell you how to customize your own beloved boots. Black boots can wear shorts or short skirts, upper body wear short clothes, they can directly match a looser version of the long sweater, revealing a small cut thighs, very sexy, if cold, you can cheap air jordan 12 retro   wear some color colorful tights, such as deep red, highlighting the legs. If not looks good, think legs, wearing black pantyhose up. Boots collocation wear a coat, but your height not too low. Is your long coat and long boots and enjoy sound very nice. You can wear short boots or pair of boots and coats that match separately, boots and coats must have the distance in the Middle, so you better shape. Lots of good looking boots matching the picture's protagonist is not slender models, but ride is also very cool. Small series research has these long boots mix pictures zhihou found, many people on themselves of stature no confidence, so can't select long boots, actually as long as mix properly, even you is elephant leg, also or radish leg, are doesn't matter, a double fashion warm of had knee long boots, super long of boots tube, moments on can elongated you of leg shaped, will you of stature comparison adjustment to best of gold proportion up.

If your body is slightly fat, shank the thicker, and so on, in the selection of high heels when you grasp a priority is to increase the quantity of shoes, both the toe and the end of shoes, heel shoes overall shape, stressed the weight as far as possible, take advantage of this and rounded shape to form a harmonious unity of effect. Brown boots match what is appropriate? If the pattern on the shoes or decorative complex, with a style of simple package, otherwise looks too much focus will be too messed up, but a color, or a single model, this year is very popular concise. Mix of the safest way is to take the accompanying color with shoes echo, this is the most conservative way to match. Brown boots match what kind of pants fit? Joker jeans, shades can be. If you don't like jeans, slacks will do, as long as it doesn't suit pants or sweat pants would be nice. Brown boots collocation wear formal business occasions can be? With eight of the most popular short sleeve retro jacket, matching waist with gorgeous bead trim swing dress, with good quality Brown boots, gorgeous black bead and a small handbag, quality was fairly good, you must never forget. Brown boots match what are appropriate for the weekend party? Outside of the bright pink Camisole and hood pink sweater with gold motifs on his chest, matching denim short skirt and Brown boots to highlight the slender air jordan 12 retro for sale   legs, instant heat and energetic, sexy and youthful. With a long white knitted scarf as accessory is popular nowadays popular, when Kit knee and casual Jacket on the outside, everything is OK!

Round-headed high heel combined with body harmony: relative to the narrower and more pointed toe styles, a slightly rounded toe is more suitable for round and plump body, pointy shoes easy to very light, but combined with plump figure would be somewhat top-heavy, overall ratio and slightly rounded toe box look and feel bigger, than the tip against the shoe easier to amend and plump body. Mix Brown over knee boots how to choose? Brown over knee boots color look good, look cool, have been favored by all. Then Brown over knee boots matching clothes to pay attention to what areas? Brown boots, color matching is very important. Generally speaking, purple and Brown should not be together. Otherwise, you could look over the knee boots to match her own Brown over knee boots. Below is the small Brown over knee boots the renumbered as you finish of match methods and techniques, may wish to refer to Brown over knee boots matching skinny pants, can appear to man's leg is straight. Skinny pants can intensify this effect. If members to have confidence in their bodies, you may try the combination. Summer sandals and match what clothes look good, this is a problem. A good pair of sandals in the summer, if you mix well and it can definitely spice for you. Mix different styles of sandals in the summer conditions are not the same, each with its own style, according to your summer Sandals mix characteristics that best fit your style, show your fan!

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