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Initial Ferre, to youth and ladies man fashion design object, 1982 onl


Initial Ferre, to youth and ladies man fashion design object, 1982 only started designing men's wear. The scholarly designers with the short moustache says, he often claimed to design men's blueprint. Basically, Ferre's menswear looks generous, suits, shirts, ties and other accessories, mostly Orthodox with retro style, and colors more primary colors series,nike free 3.0 v5 nz especially the black, blue, in the midst of the avant-garde, trendy in brilliant color, exudes extravagance masculinity. GUCCI。 Turning to Italy brand GUCCI, most people's minds, not see g belt buckle ring, titles and chains is decorated with elegant shoes, because seeing symbolizes knows it's GUCCI's signature product. Referring to GUCCI, must not ignore the current Creative Director and designer menswear launch of autumn/winter TomFord.TomFord '95 year for the first time, with bright leather signature shoes do not wear socks brand new styling, let critics marvel of the world. Title chains and he put the signature shoe of thinner, I felt more. Of course, bodacious g mark is his invention. GUCCI has now become the most fashion brands, PRADA said that 90 's classic fashion with speakers.

Dolce&Gabbana 。nike roshe run nz If Italy Dolce&Gabbana pairs team of designers in the eyes of the woman is sexy and sophisticated, their men's clothes is fraught with obvious feminine style, and a dude loose breath. Articulate, sexy, rebellious and strong under the design style of Sicilian folk colors, Dolce&Gabbana men's clothing is more a personality. In fact, both Italy fashion design wizards nor deny men's challenges are considerable. Therefore changes little, so they are focusing on men's wear design on the fabric and structure, transparent yarns, leather, artificial fur, United Kingdom Pilgrim jewelry, is likely to appear in the men's Dolce&Gabbana, it was a little disturbing. "We're working off like patchwork because it brings together different inspirations and experience. "The material in the flea market, in the hands of the Dolce&Gabbana, are the best sources of inspiration.

Men's shoes at home and abroad which brand is it? can you give me a comparison of ranking men's shoe brand at home and abroad? Hugo Boss 。 HugoBoss occupies a pivotal position in the international men's wear market, this access from its marketing in more than 80 countries around the world to get strong proof. Preaches designer-style Boss, solely on brute force provides advertising images of masculine flavor, conveying a popular men's clothing style. This rise in the 70 's Germany brand, regardless of design or images are very masculine, but no make-up or not wearing excess jewellery, very social acceptance of male images. The brand created in 1923 by HugoBoss, started out producing overalls, waterproof suits, raincoats and uniforms until 1972, came into fashion. Boss menswear has a complete series of products, is the standard model in the minds of many middle and senior managers. And, in quality and workmanship, maintaining Europe's biggest maker of men's class.
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