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Theme III: creative DIY. Ordinary everyday objects can bring inspirati

Theme II: restructuring. At the London Design Festival, a huge volume of art gave people a deep impression, that is, the artist John Wynne brought "by 300 speakers, player piano and a vacuum cleaner device consisting of" individual volume by vintage speakers built "pyramid" telling people there are things that are difficult to measure. nike free run 2 nzCreative reorganization and you just need to multiply. Shoe design makes the topic was surprised to find, draw inspiration from every era will be integration or in unexpected ways to make certain elements become more exaggerated. In addition, the inspiration from classical furniture is also very obvious, as full traditional colors and luxurious leather, woven and wooden heel.


Theme III: creative DIY. Ordinary everyday objects can bring inspiration to design, through DIY ingenuity, giving new features. At the Milan Furniture show, Harry Thaler has launched new work "twist buckle", allowing the user to different combinations according to the need for special crating, used in combination with buckles on the device again. nike free run 3 nzAlso designed by Stefan Sagmeister, "Darwin's Chair". "The Darwin Chair" with 200 skins, when people are tired of a certain face, turn it off, you can of course in a given year, then turn it back one day. Shoes on this topic also displays the same DIY ideas, made with perfectly normal yellow canvas hiking boots, boots wrapped in colored yarns, as well as the Slingshot band making a shoe. Shoes or sneakers to more mainstream, the strongest influence comes from tribal cultures, more upscale is woven, the material needs to be hand-painted, tie dye or stain.


Theme IV: original. Draw inspiration from nature without human impacts, shown a pure and pristine beauty, carved out of the artificial "perfect" and the nature of "imperfect" side-by-side at all, such as a group called the "compromise" series of creative Bookshelf, Bookshelf using simple geometric theory, is a form of reverse angle cut into the object and is always equal to 360 degrees. These corner to swap, but always add up to a whole. All the topics starting from the materials, such as untreated plants without lining dyeing leather or wood, which is humanity's ancestors shoes in the first place, people can find many powerful inspiration in the original shoe.
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