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Miami easily defeated the raptors at home today to continue winning momentum. LeBron James cut 32 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists, as the Pacers defeat to Spurs today, so the heat is also beyond Walker, sitting on the 1th in Eastern throne, 1th Eastern which is ranked for the first time this season. "In this League, winning is not easy, new balance 373 sale  especially beat the same team in a season 4 times, it's really hard to do," Miami coach sishuai said. Referring to Wade continue truce today, Alan, battier also truce, sishuai stressed that this was not the heat let players rest, but due to injuries to the truce. "If they can play, they'll appear on the Court," sishuai said. "Shane in our rotation right now, also would put him back in the lineup behind us, just like we put Haslem in the rotation before practice," sishuai said.


Douglas, get a lot of opportunities today, he contributed a crucial goal, after returning to the locker room after the game, Douglas LeBlanc of active thanks to get him the ball, thank him to have confidence in myself. LeBlanc said, "as long as you're on the pitch, you'll get my pass. "Chris Bosh 18 points today, he talked about the heat after the game got from Walker East 1th topic. "When the Walker when discussing the 1th place in the East, new balance 420 sale our reaction was, ' Hey, calm down now, August, '" Chris Bosh after the game started a Walker, jokes, "we know that we must stick to the end during the regular season, our work is only beginning. "This victory, Bosh said he is satisfied with the heat's defense. "Our defense has been very good today," Bosh said.


The nuggets after a brief stop Aaron Lutz hits, Conley right-wing response to the three points fourth quarter Grizzlies lead 93-88 with 35.8 seconds. Nuggets suspend Feuilles break fast grab 2 minutes after successful cause Mozgov fouled Randolph singles, key moments in Randolph two free throws not, Lawson got the rebounds immediately request a brief suspension, the fourth quarter the nuggets called a brief stop with 7.4 seconds. Nuggets small players don't get the ball, they serve can only be handed over to the sidelines Mozgov, Mozgov right-wing three-not, he gets rebounds, breaking the Dunk, the nuggets when the fourth quarter with 1.9 seconds to 92-93 down. The nuggets take the foul tactics, Lee first penalty in the second penalty did not, Farid got the rebounds had no time to attack. But slow motion showing Lee's second penalty without hitting the rim, but the referee did not choose to watch replays, results when they exit a scene of sound, the Grizzlies with a 94-92 victory.

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