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East Qian two name team are has game, Walker in this season winning percentage Supreme home engaged 17 streak of Spurs Team, heat team is in beauty Airlines Arena meet Atlantic District topped Meng Dragon team of challenge, first section 12 minutes hit had Walker 10 points behind Spurs, in Union champion before,new balance 991 cheap  East topped also have Parkour, eventually one 26 points of fiasco let Walker team swallow Xia three even defeated, near 8 field game they lost off 6 field, in playoffs is comes of critical into downturn, and later ended of heat and Meng Dragon team game in the, Miami people are relying on last-minute wave of climax 12-3 scored to win three in a row, last 5 games to win the next 4 games. Today after, heat team record came to 51 WINS 22 negative, Walker team record is for 52 WINS 23 negative, while than opponents less win 1 field, but heat team of 69.9% of winning percentage has over Walker team of 69.3%, according to NBA of ranked rules, winning percentage by Qian of team ranked more high, that is in was Walker team hover suppressed has over 70 field game zhihou, heat team finally completed inverse hit.


The past two seasons, Miami Heat and Walker had played in the playoffs, twice crossed this challenge is because holding home court advantage last year's Eastern Conference finals the two teams fight to seventh field-winner, the race in Indiana,new balance 996 cheap heat only 1 and 2, value of home advantage is obvious. Three days ago, the heat 32-slaughter Pistons revenge, while in another match, Pacers audience only 78 minutes lost to wizards, LeBron, smiled when you learned this information, because he knew, the best counter attacking opportunities right in front of them. Now the heat wave three consecutive victories in hand, the Pacers on a three-game losing streak "with" Eastern pattern temporarily changes, then heat will continuously play the male deer, wolves, race is still easy. Apart from the Walker what's wrong, talk about heat solved the problem, close games, Wade, Alan, Orden, continuous absence even Chalmers, they rely on what Lien even McNair?


One is LeBron's physical well being. Today, he had 32 points and 7 rebounds, 8 assists, in addition to three points feels bad, and LeBron ext 12-for-10 to play very aggressive, Miami reporter Ethan-sikenike said, "LeBron's back appears to be no problem. "He can keep in good condition, the Miami Heat have a win guaranteed. Secondly, Orden, Haslem, Wade physically unstable circumstances to recover, Douglas into the rotating lineup, Miami the past two seasons the last minute are relying on Lyoko (Allen, Anderson), Savior, and this time turn to old captain Haslem and entrepot port Douglas? Regardless of how said, heat team has returned to East first, this is they should care of things, next race easily has enough more of time adjustment, can foreseen heat team will let three giant get more of resting, only let three giant adjustment to best State heat team is more big defending grasp, previously behind Walker Shi Media General think heat team is may will gave up home advantage guarantee players health, and now thanks to Walker of "Fu", heat team see has will record and players State are firmly caught in hand in of hopes.

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