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In the 2006-2007 years, sponsored by ASICS sports teams including: track and field track and field team, Guangxi, Inner Mongolia, Fudan University track and field team, and so on. In terms of sponsorship of famous athletes: men and women of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games Marathon champion-Italy player Stefano. nike free run israel Baldini StefanoBaldini and Japan player yekoushuimu ASICS brand lovers.Reebok International Headquarters is located in the State of Massachusetts city of Canton, in global extent, Reebok, Rockport, CCM, JOFA, KOHO and Greg Norman brands such as design, marketing and distribution of sports shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, sports clothing and equipment, and Polo Ralph Lauren brand design, marketing and distribution of footwear products in 1895, Joseph Frost (Joseph William Foster) Out of love for the Sprint, also suffers from not having enough money, will personally try to nail on shoes, so this is a worldwide first pair of spikes-"foster's shoes". Birth of spikes, caused a great stir at the time, beginning of the late 19th century, many State runners are all in this "foster's shoes" into the field.

Days later, Joseph Frost had not because "foster's shoes", the success of complacency, but encourage him down this growing wave and move on. In 1896, Joseph Frost was named after PUMP, creating a first pair of inflatable sneakers, as well as in the United Kingdom established a franchise sports shoes companies "Fosters" starting with the top professional players making the right kind of shoes, and this company is now up to the international sports brand giant Reebok Reebok's predecessor.As time went on, Fosters (FST) continues to expand, focus design more sneaker moments were to improve athletes running speed and reach other areas of sport. In 1958, Forster's two grandsons, Joseph (Joseph Foster) and Jeffrey (Jeffrey Foster) would "foster," the brand name and logo change for "Reebok (Reebok)".Because we've learned to cross, as we move ahead. Brave move, fly, we scale greater heights, for jei are ambitious. At present, we have yet to achieve full noble gorgeous good and noble bird brand, we should continue to work harder. To scientific development attitude we want, with undaunted fighting ambitions, bold ambitions stride forward towards the future ... ...

In just more than 10 years, Reebok's business growing rapidly and by in the 1970 of the 20th century, it had become one of the ten best brands of the world, much of consumers. In 1977, the Reebok Reebok began his career towards overseas markets, nike free 5.0 womens his first overseas target markets is the potential United States market. By 1981, she has broken through the $ 1.5 million in sales. Footwear sales have been climbing in 1987, surged to us $ 1.4 billion in 1981, has increased by 10 times. Reebok Reebok development speed is considered to be America's fastest-growing businesses.1992 was a transition of Reebok, Reebok marketing emphasis from fitness apparel shared on other sports, particularly basketball shoes developed. Combined PUMP technology has been developed in the early, Reebok has developed a combination of numerous high-tech, comfort and safety in a basketball shoe. This series of changes favored by many professional athletes, they have Reebok signed, specify the Reebok they sponsor of sports shoes and clothing.

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