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"egg roll" shoes, in terms of comfort, performance and technology

 and the aged ultra non-slip "cool" slippers, Shanghai has set off the old shoe craze.It is Eastern green xingshun charge: as the weather turns hot, and surging demand for summer shoes in the elderly. Xingshun Fu's traditional summer shoe against the elderly abuse, professional research people over summer classic   air max 1 sale    comfort shoes. Customer feedback from stores statistics show, "Super six" shoes, "egg roll" shoes, in terms of comfort, performance and technology, are consumers alike.Ultra lightweight: the shoe about 3 eggs (about 170 grams), the relaxed floating in the water.Ultra protection: about 25 degrees to shatter-resistant toe design, instep buckle design, high instep afraid of squeeze.Ultra non-slip: the heel and forefoot, and special ultra non-slip rubber pieces, front and back, left, and 360 degree anti-slip.Ultra ankle: shoes with thickened, heightening, breathable mesh sponge, ankle protection and reduce strain.Ultra breathable: upper reset 6 ventilation holes on both sides and air circulation inside the shoe and foot

 Athlete’s foot odor is not afraid.Super shock: sole right and left radial block design, greatly reducing the force of the joint. mizuno wave spacer review    June 11, 17:38, tenth Shenzhou spacecraft is launched, and plans to implement connection docking of manned space missions. As the nation's largest integrated supplier of munitions, "new China" element in the "Shenzhou" continued to shine in the flying process. this "God's ten" flying, xinxing group is based on strong scientific and technological strength and military support capability to further consolidate its functional protective clothing footwear international leadership in the field."God's ten" astronaut footwear easier fitDuring the Shenzhou tenth launch and docking missions, xinxing group mainly responsible for astronaut expedition boots and boots of rendezvous and docking study on production tasks. It is understood that the two kinds of footwear by jihua group listed company shares (601718) of Shanghai specialty footwear company manufacture. The company before Nineth Shenzhou fifth Shenzhou,

in every manned space mission, is undertaken by the astronauts set off boots, tanks rolled out in boots boots and space series manufacture of footwear production tasks.According to emerging jihua Group Chief Designer, is manned footwear-Wu, head of the project for tasks section, compared to the previous Shenzhou spacecraft before launch, "God's ten" the astronaut footwear in the series "measured foot" links have been further breakthroughs. It is understood that the astronauts each pair of boots is made to order, in developing the astronaut footwear is that all the parts to put the entire foot again. Wu said, "we would also like to make astronaut boots, including all need to put things in, like socks. ”According to Wu section, give the astronauts feet is "three dimensional artificial foot measurement." And this times developed of "God ten" series shoes boots phase more Yu past of previous launches developed of shoes boots, used "entity measurement + cream die plastic shaped" take value method makes last body design "one-on-one" unlimited close

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