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captured the attention of fashion and sport. Soon

 slippers that? as a designer, he is also keen to capture this finger slippers fashion sense. Thus, a great and revolutionary ideas were born. Later, after some attempts he eventually designed the world's first finger slippers, King was also the first double-toe-loop magic slippers. This new born shoes, it captured the attention of fashion and sport. Soon, the slippers to wear to the Google founders saiji•Bulin (Sergey Brin) feet, mizuno wave prophecy 2 uk   also wearing a fashion supermodel feet, embarked on a screen, runways, more people came into the shoe.In the world-renowned Shanghai World Expo, the Italy Pavilion showcased five finger slippers. As one of the most stylish and newest products, it conveys is a healthy exercise concept, shows the image of a sunny confidence, exudes an air of stylish living. Wang magic slippers, toe rings, this trendy unique slippers, it will definitely cause revolution in footwear market, it will change our lives! tiger-head shoes, is a traditional hand-made shoes for children. Some 1 per cent of children in rural areas

in Northern custom of wearing tiger-head shoes, want to baby bibs, no disease, no disaster. Zhang XI Bao Zhen Li Zhuang village in yongnian County, mizuno wave rider 17 review   sister Wu Xianghuan, relying on a pair of tiger-head shoes embroidered road to wealth.Wu Xianghuan 48 years old this year to number three at home, my mother spent the night one needle one needle to stitch the tiger-head shoes is her childhood to rememberMemories. Due to manual embroidery too slow, a double tiger head shoes often to three or four days to embroidered out, and at village has was began with sewing machine embroidered curtain and pillow, so Wu Xianghuan on wants to why cannot with machine embroidered does? has has sewing machine, incense ring day on can embroidered out ten on pattern, who home has child are find she do tiger head shoes, incense ring into has village of do shoes connoisseur. In September 2000, she created her own fragrance ring tiger-head shoes factory, 2011 registered trademark, taking her own name--more "ring".Traditional tiger-head shoes style is single, she would

wonder to paint some more patterns: bunny ears, pomegranate-shaped eye, Rooster tail of the eyebrow ... ... Novel design, exquisite materials, she did tiger-head shoes turned into a sweet pastry, Handan, Hebei Cangzhou and Henan has been admired by many of the merchants, products are ordered, in short supply. In 2009, Takeka Central invested more than 200,000 yuan, bought 3 computer embroidery machine embroidery shoes, expand the scale of production. She also organized women in the village were joined together, free of their technical training, flexible forms of employment, so that women can be processed at home. She made into carved tiger-head shoes, along the border, Nadi, shoes, embroidery, and other five procedures, carry out their duties, these authorized contractors. Though workshops, but taste of enterprise management.Fragrance ring-tiger-head shoes these days there are more than 40 kinds of products, including Tiger shoe shoes shoes, Dragon, Phoenix and peacocks, fish, rabbit, pig shoes shoes shoes shoes. Tiger-head shoes

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