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comfortable sex more strong, body sense better, movement State

to astronaut feet type; according to technical tactical indicators requirements and space special, research personnel outside type standardization of premise Xia, on shoes boots of internal form from styling, and material do has new of adjustment, reached anti-electrostatic effectiveness more high, comfortable sex more strong, nike air max 2014 junior trainers  body sense better, movement State (ran, and jump, and line, and jumped) Xia of wear with effectiveness more tends to convenient fit. Wu said that "God's ten" astronaut tries were all very satisfied.More than 10 years of meticulous research protect the astronauts "space walk"Wu section describes, "followed by the God's mission to develop ten astronaut footwear, space development has gone through 13 years of footwear experience. "Wu revealed, China's first astronaut boots boots is cabin, was born in 2000.Astronaut footwear includes lining, leather, sole leather, protective layer, and so on, according to different functions in different parts of the test. With tank boot, for example, to be

"dust, pollution prevention, radiation-resistant, antistatic, resistant to puncture" the whole function, materials for making boots nike air max 2014 womens   a total of test hundreds, while the lower leather surface leather is the fabrication of belong to the more difficult part.Wu section covers, shoe the entire raw material and process preparation process is demanding craftsmanship and quality requirements, strict production standards, "each of which has its own ' identity ': ingredients, excipients, the ingredients must have inspection reports, required when processing personnel and machines are fixed, each product of each process is the responsibility of men. ”In addition to the material requirements are high and complex technology, a production engineering will be quite demanding requirements. Wu said the space boots, from the production process to the astronauts wear, "the most important thing is to ensure that no dust, because even a little dirt can have, because it could threaten astronaut safety. ”Wu said that cabin shoes anti-static

is an important role, but a speck of dust could be charged, which is not allowed, "If stained with dust, particles, this pair of boots is waste." Protective boots are high ESD rendezvous and docking. Boots can be generally understood as interactions and docking space ons that technically speaking and space boots have the same place, but it's better than it's light, still has high requirements such as radiation resistance, puncture-resistant.Wu says, especially when the Shenzhou IX space boots preparing for, the most impressive, "as a rule, we do not use glue, but to make the shoe molding, precision corresponds to one by one to a dozen layers from top to bottom, in particular to ensure the boots to the sewing machine when filling to ensure no contamination on the footwear materials. "Wu said when making a space boots, there are places to be handmade to ensure staff do not pollute the boots when working, also very time-consuming," no make-up, before the work through a rigorous cleaning is a must. "The boots come out of finished

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