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expedition boots, astronauts set off before entering the cabin during

products," the pair could not even a process marking pen mark. ”After nearly 3 years of hard work, in 2003, Yang Liwei China's first space people in fleeing the Festival team making class boots on, travel in space. Since then, launching the Shenzhou VI, Wu and the team developed difficult relatively small expedition boots, astronauts set off before entering the cabin during this period of time. When the Shenzhou VII launch, nike air max 87 black and white   and through nearly 2 years developing the most difficult Eva boots, when for the astronaut in a space capsule into orbit. Nine manned docking missions in God because you want to enter the temple, first jobs, Wu also led the team developed for astronauts gathered high anti-static, radiation resistance, puncture-resistant protective boots of rendezvous and docking. Wu section, making space boot is a system and a process of continuous improvement. "Due to the special Chinese astronaut boots are from scratch, is constantly exploring ways to improve on. "" In module boots is the first astronaut Yang Liwei, he have the final say.

 After the return from space, authorities put Yang Liwei's experiences give us feedback and propose changes. "Wu says. Since then, through the astronaut's feedback, continuous improvement processes become unified. "Astronaut's task is executed at a time, we all seek the comfort of the boots, comments on the application. nike air max 2015 womens    ”Due to launch Shenzhou IX and female astronaut Liu Yang added, fleeing the enemy team was involved with female body characteristics, boots across the cabin is improved. Liu Yang came back and returned her experience and feelings, some of these important observations and recommendations reflected in this "God's ten" astronaut to Wang Yaping boots.Wu section said, for manned space series shoes boots of development, Shanghai special shoes boots company of research team is according to emerging inter China Group proposed of "development generation, and production generation, and reserves generation" of technology development guide concept, specific implementation for team "real fly generation, improved generation,

 design generation, store generation" of concept, put space shoes boots research work falls in "real fly, and improved, and ahead of" of based Shang, success Helena has astronaut of previous "space walking".Anti-static clothing for protection against microwave "equipment" for workers on the groundIn addition to its craft within the astronaut footwear research and development tasks, xinxing group is a member of jihua 3502 company also undertakes development task of the launch base for ground staff in protective clothing.Last year, the company May assume the "divine nine search and rescue service" urgent production tasks to get the height of the base space staff approval. Faced with this year's "God's ten" launch, jihua 3502 while continuing its system for search-and-rescue service on the basis of further access to the launch base for ground personnel anti-static, microwaves and other series of functional clothing development work.Company Institute for wear-related charge, this system for all kinds of functional clothing for ground staff

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