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Legal advice, when enterprises registered

Market analysts also hold similar views. In recent years, in the context of sports goods market as a whole is down, Jinjiang, the sporting goods industry has its own production system, channels and most local control, cost control ability, affected by this downturn cycle is relatively small. Foreign brands and market pressures forced the channel sinks, directed at the local brand of "camp" 234 cities. "War would have played,  vibram five fingers cheap   smoke less?" The source said. "Double Joe race" brand thinking even though the professional perspectives, but both legal experts and the industry participants, all expressing thoughts on local brands. Legal advice, when enterprises registered the trademark, except in compliance with the law, and also take into consideration the people's general knowledge respecting the habits of the public. From a legal point of view it is difficult to determine the Jordan Sports trademark violation of Michael Jordan's name or image.

But to push the company into the lawsuit, may cause consumer confusion and misunderstanding. Chen Jianmin, think, how should enterprises brand development is probably the greatest significance of the event. "Just around 90 trademark law change, choice of enterprise during the founding period for trademark imprudent, this phenomenon exist internally. Businesses should emerge from this model, real was founded with its own distinctive feature of the brand. In addition, the review bodies also need prevention of intellectual property risks. Jordan sports development in the context of reviews is open all the way, but the enterprises bigger and stronger after the encounter suit. "Years of operation of sports brand marketing Zhang Qing thinks:" local brand on the label not only the existence of hidden, promotion, sports sponsorship and channels, there are also some imitated marks, homogeneity is quite severe. Set up the competitive segment is small, trade barrier is not high, it is difficult to form the core competitiveness of enterprises. ”

How to cope with the international competition, he suggested that local brands should improve brand differentiation, brand added value while improving performance, retail channels, customer experience measures such as open space for future development. But people in the industry point out that, in the context of weak periodic sporting  vibram five fingers sale   goods market, local sports brand, or can make, caught due to the changing age structure of the population, demand structure changes brought by emerging markets such as children's clothing, outdoor, leisure fashion hotspot, near new growth point of profit, far can enrich the connotation of the brand. "Sticks in the Red Sea than blue ocean wave Treader. "National sports brand after 2012 earnings overall were dismal, ordering data of the second quarter of 2013 also failed to give people inspiration. Pick June orders fell in the second quarter 2013-30%, Anta and xtep orders order amount in the second quarter fell 20% per cent.

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