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Argentina 71:79 defeat to Greece, declared 2014 Spain men's basketball was all over in the World Cup group match, the World Cup's top 16 teams all decided. And 16 in 8 matches in the knockout stages will be carried out in the night of September 6, Sgt 22:00, United States VS Mexico game will kick off the playoffs unfolds. According to the men's basketball team for the World Cup tournament rules, ABCD four teams ranked among the top 4 teams will be in Montpellier, contending the top 16 matches. After 6 match of the day after   cheap air jordan 3 uk   the battle of group a Spain (5-0) and Brazil (4-1), France (3 WINS and 2 losses), Serbia (2 WINS and 3 losses) to teams with the top four finish.

In Group b, Greece (5-0), Croatia (3 WINS and 2 losses), Argentina (3-2), Senegal (2 WINS and 3 losses) access to Montpellier on Sunday. Group c final four are: United States (5-0), Turkey (3 WINS and 2 losses), Dominica (2 WINS and 3 losses), New Zealand (2 WINS and 3 losses).  air jordan 11 uk cheap   Group d rankings were: Lithuania (4-1), Slovenia (4 WINS and 1 losses), Australia (3-2), Mexico (2 WINS and 3 losses). As the group match the position of the dust has settled, 16 in 8 competition schedule has also surfaced, September 6, at 22:00 points, United States VS Mexico team will kick off the playoffs unfolds.

European journalists revealed yesterday that its lineup well, but the mediocrity of Croatia team, infighting occurred in the men's basketball team for the World Cup. Coach Lei Peisa sits at the "crater", Croatia requested the team fired him. Preparing for the men's basketball tournament Croatia men's basketball team,  discount nike air yeezy 2 uk   many of the teams are playing in NBA players, including Saric, Lu Dezi, tomich. But this team has not been able to play outside of expected accomplishments, group 2 WINS and 2 losses now.

European Basketball reporters disclosed at this time, when the team record is poor, atmosphere of discord within the team, some players have been pointing the finger at coach Lei Peisa, reportedly a player expressly required, Lei Peisa should immediately after class. While Lei Peisa said: "my players are almost nothing to complain about. "When the media is extremely developed today, any whiff of team will be on the Web" fermentation ". In addition, the United States men's basketball team with a 106:71 win over the Dominican Republic basketball, group header name identity to the next stage of the competition.

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