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Arjen Robben during the World Cup and Mexico in the 91st minute, Robben fell in the penalty area Netherlands had a key penalty, after Arjen Robben this fall if a diver has provoked enormous controversy. After Arjen Robben   cheap air jordan 3 uk   said he was diving in the game in an interview, "I have to apologize. Before the end of the ball were penalties there is no doubt that while the first one is my dive, I shouldn't have to do, is really stupid. "But Mexico may not agree with Arjen Robben said, they agreed that the fall is also a diver Luo Bendi 91 minutes.

Into Chelsea since Russia oligarch Roman Abramovich, has been in the pipeline for new capacity Super Blues Stadium, but the plan was met with resistance,  air jordan 11 uk cheap   has not been implemented, while those from the United Kingdom on Sky Sports News, Chelsea extended the Stamford Bridge pitch, but in the meantime, the team's home court is likely to temporarily move to Rugby Union's Twickenham Stadium.

Chelsea's Stamford Bridge Stadium, founded in 1905, with 41,623 seats compared to, nearly 80,000 people at Old Trafford and the 60,000-seat Emirates Stadium,  discount nike air yeezy 2 uk   Stamford Bridge is too small. Sky Sports reported that in case of difficulties with a new stadium, Roman Abramovich seems to have scrapped plans to build another Stadium in London, now plans to rebuild them at Stamford Bridge to expand the spectator capacity.

If refurbished Stamford Bridge, it means that Chelsea will have to find a temporary home while England (microblogging) Football League confirmed they have had preliminary talks with Chelsea, blues are ready to "lease" Twickenham Stadium. Teweikenamu stadium is the home of England Rugby has 82,000-seat, but if Chelsea wanted to place the next season's home here, at least in the 2016-17 season, this is because the stadium in September next year will host the Rugby World Cup.

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