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Trammell (columnist): I would say about 50%. They have a lot of choice, Reggie Jackson and lamb can compete for starters. I don't even think Morrow and the Perry-Jones is also available. But in the past six years they saifuluosa ' point of view, Oklahoma City will be more inclined to  men's mizuno wave prophecy 2 running shoes  use defensive player, Robertson is the player closest to the saifuluosa. Question: who will be the opening day starting center? Playoffs? Mike Mayberry (reporters with the team): Kendrick Perkins. Know now, I don't see why Brooks to be rid of the players who have Championship experience. I think both playoffs or regular season, Perkins should be a starter.

Slater (reporters with the team): Adams. It's time for change. No matter who was the starting center, this team can win 55-60 win. So Brooks   cheap nike air force 1 low   should consider how to improve the combat capability of the team in the playoffs. This includes give young players more opportunities, such as Adams. Put him in the starting now! Let him play 30 minutes per game, he'll make Oklahoma City the next important role players. From now on it!

Carlson (columnist): the opener must be Perkins, playoffs, choosing can be difficult. Perkins will be when opener starting and Robertson reasons, as they're both defensive-oriented players, and Kevin Durant and Wes Brooks together. But what to do about the Thunder before the trade deadline? I think that Perkins could be traded. So I think Adams will likely midseason replacement Perkins ' position.

Trammell (columnist): I think Adams will be on the opening day starter, even for a whole year. If Robertson is starting, it means that other players need to provide stronger vitality, Adams ' offense clearly is better than Perkins,   nike lunarelite sky hi discount   and Adams at defensive end to move much faster than Perkins. In addition, the Club's second team, Reggie Jackson, lamb and Chamorro are aggressive, Perkins may be able to provide more help.

Deron Williams in a recent interview on this record than Bryant "9-0 than 0 of 30 shots," responded positively to criticism. In late August, according to a sports illustrated report, Lakers star Kobe Bryant has worked with masters documentary kebimiusi Gotham-Chopra, Director of Brooklyn watched the playoffs with the second game of the nets ' game against the Miami Heat, Williams in that game in a very poor state, all 9 shots without hitting a zero ending.

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