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Wizards of 118-102 defeated the Celtics inked. Wizards of 2013-14 regular season record in the season eventually fixed at 44-38, and collector of the nets lost to the Knights, record fell to 44-38, but the wizards face the nets in the regular season record of dominance (Wizards of big 3-0 sweep nets), so they locked because of his better record against the East fifth place. Wizards of the first round of the playoffs will face the Chicago Bulls. Four specific scores for (the wizards in front): 38-24,30-32,23-19,27-27. Wizards: the 15 points and 9 assists, and Trevor Ariza 13 minutes,new balance 1400 uk Booker, 20 minutes, Ge Tate added 15 points and 10 rebounds, Bill 27 points, 12 points. Celtic: Green 20 minutes, 16 minutes of bath, Bradley, 18, Olinic with 24 points and 7 rebounds. In order to compete for better rankings, wizards and soldiers after the game showed high morale, team-headed star wall is an example, one took 6 minutes before the team, first single gonged by 13 points. Booker, Ge Tate, who also has a wonderful play, with blossom offensively a little bit, in the first quarter when wizards lead 38-24 game was over, the Celtics.
Early and all the soldiers had missed the playoffs, the Celtics also have outstanding performance, Johnson's outside shot after three minutes, the Celtics would score to 44-49. Booker's layup to help the wizards keep morale, Nene, the Bill also has performance, new balance 1500 sale instant wizards to extend the advantage to 10 points again. Has not disrupted the wizards Trey Green's offensive rhythm, at the end of the first half, the wizards lead 68-56. The second half, the mutations on the pitch, Celtic symbol after a wave of indiscriminate bombing, the score to 70-74. But then the green army attacks plunged in the mire, mobile warfare in the time up to 6 and a half minutes without a point. Wohl staged consecutive steals show in as little as 15 seconds of time, Webster opened the third of climax Wizards of wave 13-2 attack, three at the end of the game, wizards lead 91-75 the green army. Distal, Prodigy was to extend the lead to as much as 20 points, losing the Celtics no weakness of all the soldiers, immediately hit a wave 11-4 attack climax, the score to 88-101. But he didn't last long, wizards turn on instructions from a 15-2 offensive, just before the 3 minutes and 13 seconds, to extend the lead to as much as 26 points. All was lost and eventually Wizards of 118-102 granted, the Celtics.


Cropped Shengellia, Bulls release quota of 1, then the team officially signing Smith. This season because of a troubled knee injury, Smith took the rockets played 11 games, averaged 3.5 points and 2.5 rebounds in 9.1 minutes appearance. Just last week, rockets General Manager Darrell Morey for the playoffs considering laying off Smith and signing Dexter-Pittman. Standing 2.08-meter Smith, now 23, striker he played in the rockets Division of vocational education over 2 seasons. Entire NBA career, Smith hit a total of 89 games, including 10 starting, averaging 5.3 points and 4.1 rebounds with 14.4 minutes 0.5 blocks, shooting up to 62.3%. Smith was laid off by rockets in the past week, the "little monster" unable to represent the bulls playoffs this year. Last week, the-Bulls have signed Mike James, Ronnie Brewer and Louis-amengdesen. Sign Smith after the bulls players a total of 15 players on the roster. Up to now, a bulls record is 47 WINS and 33 losses came in 4th place in the East. If the playoffs started today, the bulls in the first round of the playoffs against the nets.

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