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Phoenix Suns (48-34) on the road victory of the season. Substitute Fred Goodwin got a team-high 29 points, Marcus-Morris had 22 points and 6 rebounds, they rate in the fourth quarter to firmly maintain our edge after leading Phoenix Suns on the road with a 104-99 victory Sacramento Kings (28-54). The Suns ended a three-game losing streak end last season. Suns Goodwin scored 29 points and 4 rebounds, Marcus-Morris had 22 points and 6 rebounds, new balance 574 women Ma Jifu-Morris had 15 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, and green had 12 points. Kings maikelimoer 31 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, Otelo had 15 points and 5 rebounds, maikekalumu had 13 points, AISI with 9 points and 8 rebounds, gray had 6 points and 13 rebounds, Thompson had 8 points and 11 rebounds. Suns delajiqi due to injuries to the truce, the Kings of the kaoxinsi was suspended for, Guy comeback. High contention for two teams after the tournament started, consecutive split on the field, 17 flat maikelimoer three minutes after the hit, and Thompson Dunks his way, Kings when the first 1.5 minutes to lead 22-17 5 points. Smith's successful attack, Troy dunk scores Phoenix Suns in the first quarter down 3 points to 21-24 at the end.


Otelo in two free throws to open the second quarter, Goodwin even for 7 minutes, FRY three points out of Phoenix Suns in this section 32-28 a 4 point lead 4 minutes 45 seconds. Two teams each with 6 minutes, maikelimoer even for 9 minutes, AISI basket on his way, Kings at the time of 2 minutes, 50 seconds before half time with 45-43 a 2 point lead. Two attacks succeeded Fred Goodwin, maikekalumu break-points, half the two teams at the end of 47 flat hatchet. Kings maikelimoer first half with 18 points and 4 assists, and maikekalumu had 8 points; Goodwin scored 11 of the Suns, new balance 580 uk Green had 9 points. Gelinyong-pointers lifted the curtain section III, Guy scored 4 points, maikelimoer three points, their team played 14-5 little orgasm, the Kings back up by 6 points to 61-55. Goodwin team responded 5 minutes, Thomas 6-0 wave of attacks successful layup ended, the Kings remain stable ahead. Gudewenlian vote 4 points with penalties, Ma Jifu successful jumper-Morris, the Suns trailing by 3 points. Otelo in two free throws and Smith break scoring, Suns in three sections down 3 points to 71-74 at the end.


The Kings even took 4 points starting the fourth quarter, Morris brothers together, 8 minutes, Sun again 79-78 a 1 point lead. 8 points after both sides, jumpers hit Smith, Goodwin successfully play 3, the Suns in the fourth quarter when there is 5 minutes and 45 seconds to lead 92-87. Maikelimoer neither voted nor penalties recovered 4 minutes, dunk play 3 AISI success, the Kings quickly catch up with 94. Goodwin find the texture even get 5, Ma Jifu Morris-breakthrough scoring fourth quarter Suns lead 101-96 1 minutes 35 seconds. Maikelimoer two free, Marcus Morris-free throw hit the Suns remain 5 points. Maikelimoer grabbed three points do not, weak Kings go to defeat 99-104.
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