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After the match began, NOAA and Jefferson led the team has scored, both sides start to draw 10-10. Bobcat 7 shots to have any but, while Bull was led by Carlos Boozer can't get 8, a wave of 8-0 after the Bobcats at a disadvantage. At the end of this section in three minutes, both sides of offensive efficiency is not very high, Dunleavy bulls free throws got the 1 minute, Augustine CIC hits 2 minutes are recorded Bobcats Jefferson and Mr Zeller to 6 points, new balance 670 sale ending the first section, 21-16 bulls lead the Bobcats. Section, while lidenuo and biyongbo have scored, but NOAA and Augustine nor backward, Bull has slowly widened the score to two digits. Until the middle of this section, the Bobcats finally awakening, Mr Walker and Mr Zeller led the team together after getting 18 points, while the bulls are cut out, only NOAA and Dunleavy had 4 points, Bobcat direct blow out a 18-4 offensive spurt, managed to score 4 points. Finally both have 4 points recorded in half, Bobcat 43-39 ahead the bulls.

Again, despite the Gelchrist led the team 9 points, but Butler and Carlos Boozer bulls begin to exert, in a 15-9 after the bulls once again will lead the score 2 points. new balance 990v3 sale Walker fouled got 2 minutes, both sides draw 54 square. Three minutes to the end of this section, the parties must always dwell, Butler was on the foul line to get 4 in a row, Neal, line 3, third quarter, Bull again ahead of Lynx 60-59. Distal Roberts free throw 2 points, Dunleavy outside 3 hit, Gibson and Augustine together to get 4 points, the bulls in the fourth quarter after a 7-2 start, point spreads to 6 points. But Mcroberts and Roberts scored back-to-back narrow the difference to 2 points, NOAA to the basket without Butler free throw does not, another CIC after the war Roberts 75 square. The final 40 seconds, Augustine CIC hit, Walker free throws after hitting the two teams draw 80 square, the game into overtime.

Both in Qian three voted no zhihou, Walker made foul got 2 points, Bull side back-to-back blacksmith, Augustine passing also appeared errors, was Walker steals, Henderson received Walker assists jumper hits, Dunleavy outside 3 points still no, finally Dunleavy made foul free throws got 1 points, but Walker immediately layup succeeded also to color, zhihou Augustine voted three points was Mcroberts cover off, came Hou Walker layup also has, Bobcat in overtime game in the hit has a wave 8-1 of scored climax. Gibson was another passing errors, Henderson both no, NOAA passing was Jefferson breaks down again, Walker fouled 2 points, although NOAA finally got 2 minutes, Augustine line 3, but do not help full-court battle, Bobcat 91-86 win over the bulls.

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