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United Kingdom, the Daily Telegraph disclosed that arsenal for 90,000 pounds a week contract this season and steady central defender kesiqieerni, who is currently only 50,000 a week. But Gunners renew their contracts still need to do this now, because Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain and Monaco, many European powers eyeing kesiqieerni, and he is worth more than 20 million pounds. Kesiqieerni exception this season strong, new balance trainers cheap firmly occupy a regular centre back position, but recent injuries, Captain weiermalun no opportunity to turn around, according to weiermalun, because not many opportunities, has sought to Phillips. However, disproportionate pay and remuneration of kesiqieerni, he was only 50,000 a week salary at arsenal belonging to the middle and lower ranks, another key central defender per Mertesacker up to 90,000 a week, while weiermalun even on the bench, there are 70,000 a week, higher than kesiqieerni.


Gunners top quickly realized this, they are prepared to offer the Kos disputes Mr Cherney's new 90,000 pounds a week contract, per Mertesacker and flat. But Gunners renew their contracts still need to do this now, because Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain and Monaco, many European powers eyeing kesiqieerni, they do not lack money, also a Scudetto strength, especially the Bundesliga squad Blaster Bayern. Compared to arsenal and Bayern Munich both the treatment and the honor, undoubtedly is a better choice. Kesiqieerni complained against arsenal for many years without status of the Crown, he said last year: "I want to pick up the Championship trophy and create winning record,new balance womens and I hope the Club will be given the conditions. If not, I will consider going elsewhere. I feel good at arsenal, if this club can match some of the best teams, so I have no reason to leave. But if we have to fight for the Champions League each season, so you can hardly have been under such pressure. "This season, the Gunners were kesiqieerni said, they are still on the road in four, but Everton had just lost, shooters compete for four prospects is excellent.


Kesiqieerni and arsenal contract until 2017, due to robust performance this season, and the best central defender in the transfer market are scarce, so he's worth more than 20 million pounds, was when he joined Gunners from Lorient twice times the value. Weiermalun contract with the Gunners expires in 2015, may be dropped from this summer, arsenal had started to consider the acquisition of a new central defender. Zidane volunteered, but his coaching experience is not as favourites for Deschamps, Deschamps has previously coached teams such as Monaco, Juventus, and therefore the final France Football Federation chose Deschamps. On the Zidane to cold as France coach, Deschamps was also confirmed a few days ago, he said: "Yes, there is the matter, and that is to take place in the year 2012. "Besides Deschamps reveals another important information. "Zidane wants to coach a team for next season, he knows where he wants to go, and I did not know. "Deschamps rates this summer France team Brazil World Cup, his prospects of Brazil tour prospects, said:" today we are not regarded as being in Europe and one of the best teams in the world, there are six or seven teams that could win the World Cup, we will be working. My goal is to bring together the best 23 players, I have to ensure that the problem does not occur in the locker room, and let the team presents the best possible performance.
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