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urbanization, the rural market will be very

breakthrough in mountainous regions, hundreds of shoes, athletic wear, bound for rural people has become so prevalent. "In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places as the representative of the market, fighting is the most intense international brands such as Nike, adidas, KAPPA, and Li Ning and Anta, national leader. "Olympic Marketing Director Cai Jinhai believes that is still in the brand with the domestic sporting goods companies, two or three cities, especially the rural market will become the home front. "    converse trainers uk  The population of 150,000-200,000 villages and markets could hold up a store, the number of such villages in China is very large. "Industry veteran Ye Shuangquan believes that as the process of urbanization, the rural market will be very

promising in the future. "Enterprise to the rapid expansion of the Terminal channels, depended to a large part to the expansion of three or four cities. "The elegant birds" stores plan ", with roots in three or four cities become key. Single store benefits is the fundamental "The ' stores ' most fundamental reason for the rise of, is enormous and extremely tempting Chinese market, especially in the scale of the domestic market three or four lines, which makes the impulse to open a shop of the brand. "The industry believes, mature in the market, purchasing power continued to improve situations, brands of mass" point "is very necessary. However, behind the brand is expanding, single store profit decline but new risks. "The shops on the same rapid increase,

competition is so fierce, agents have fallen into ' non profit ' embarrassments. "Quanzhou agent Chen complained to the press that a sports brand, brands for the distribution market, ask agents to shop more, even regardless of the cost. "We are under increasing pressure. ” In fact, some brands have realized the risk brand ultimately must be single store's profitability. At the end of June 2011, Terminal stores 8163 of Li Ning already downgraded in the next two years, plans to open a shop, and acceleration of consolidation for the underperforming stores, show: "Li Ning closes the first half of the 256 stores, expects to close 400 stores. ” "The massive terminal expansion in the short term, will bring more costs, more management and operation level of challenge to a brand.

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