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For inventory issues, Anta

Announces 2012 annual report: in 2012 the company revenues 7.623 billion yuan, 1.359 billion dollars in net profit, down 14.4%, 21.5%. Starting from the first half of last year, Anta sports performance dropped for the first time. According to the 2012 annual Anta sports revenue fell 14.4% to $ 7.623 billion yuan, net profit fell from 21.5% to 1   air max humara uk.359 billion dollars, gross margin fell from 4.3% to 38%. Listed since 5 years, Anta decline for the first time, from Anta's annual report, stock build-up and continues closing still is the most important issue facing the ANTA. Annual report shows that Anta inventory rose by 11.17% in 2011 to 618 million dollars earlier, to 687 million dollars, 1.37 billion yuan of the accounts receivable, average inventory turnover rose 13 days to 51 days, accounts receivable turnover days 8 days to 34 days. For inventory issues, Anta

directors and Chief Operating Officer Lai Shixian said at the results announcement, 2012 business inventories declined by about 90 million Yuan, is mainly to support the individual dealers, as well as the variation order. Stores, Anta sports stores last year has reduced the number of 590, but children's sporting goods stores increased by 99 to 833, Anta said both will continue to decline this year 475 ~575 stores. In 2010, the ANTA netted 1.551 billion yuan. In 2011, many a shoe blade including the ANTA means "stores". Anta high speed shop was among the first to taste the sweetness of the garment enterprises. Says one dealer familiar with    air max wright uk    Anta distribution model, in order to accelerate the amount of products on the market, the most direct way is to operate more stores. On Saturday, the ANTA headquarters in Chi town, Jinjiang, and reporters interviewed Anta

Sports Centre for strategic management senior manager and Assistant to the President Ding Zhimin. Now lift the ANTA when praise for "universal store plan" Anta's low-key attitude a lot. Ding Zhimin said, "now at the stage of downturn. Anta said that more important than shop, expanded store size is to increase shop efficiency and optimization of channel and not be obsessed with the number of stores. ” Fujian safety footwear General Manager Xu Zhenkun, under the influence of financial crisis and a weak domestic demand and other factors, slowdown of domestic brands, rely on large stores sales growth days are over. Shoe business generally low-key In 2010, Chief Operating Officer Lai Shixian said Anta, Anta when retail sales are likely to be local brands first in the country, and is expected to 3-5 years later, beyond the Nike and adidas. Now, lift the

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