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consists of 11 directors, including 6 independent

shareholder of millions of investments according to the information, Yi Xing was founded on June 22, 2012, which in addition to hold shares in the elegant birds do not conduct other business. Assault billion investment stake in less than two months after a successful, elegant birds transformed into joint-stock companies. 2011-elegant birds after extracting 10% provident fund shares based on the net profit, for every 10 shares dividend 3    air max classic bw sale   Yuan (including tax), calculated at 525 million shares, the company distributing dividends to 157.5 million Yuan. The 150 million of bonus payments, most of them falling into the pockets of the Lin family. In addition, the elegant birds is a family-owned enterprise, can not help but make people worry about damage to other shareholders. Elegant birds Board of Directors consists of 11 directors, including 6 independent

directors, remaining 3 of 5 directors are members of the Lin family. If Lin's family members passed at the Board of Directors and management taking up seats, inappropriate control of company's personnel arrangement, managerial decision-making and investment directions, amendment of the articles of the company and dividend policy on major issues such as, you are likely to damage the interests of the company and other shareholders. Cow mountain Wolf for sporting goods in 2013, is destined to be "the BEST" year: second half of 2012, assessed by the China Trademark Office of 27 pieces of well-known trademarks, Biao Hill won

the footwear brand famous brand award; produced by the Zhejiang Media TV stars brighter than stars build a strong large inspirational music show, the voice of China has long been popular in the South. On January 1, 2013, as the voice of China tour ? only designated casual sneaker in Quanzhou station sponsor, enraged by sporting mountain Wolf to join    nike air yeezy 2 sale   hands in the voice of Chinese audiences had a high fashion glamour audio-visual feast. Enraged by mountains Wolf was awarded famous trademarks symbolize 2013 slump Well-known trademark is a trademark of China Trademark Office finds that type. In China is widely known among the general public and enjoys a high reputation has a well-known trademark of enterprise the company name, Web

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