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of trademarks and approved use of the

Niubanlun companies as competitors in business, still in its same location of similar goods using an approximate identity, objectively, is sufficient to lead to consumer confusion and misidentification of the commodity source. Niubanlun company of such conduct is clearly contrary to the principle of good faith and generally recognized business ethics  air max 2013 cheap, constituting unfair competition. Niubanlun company shall bear civil liability. Although the niubanlun company in this case its legitimate use of a registered trademark to defend. But first, the identification of the actual use of registered trademark clearly differentiated, not subject to trademark law 51st section on the right to use a registered trademark approved the registration of trademarks and approved use of the

limited provision of goods. Secondly, in connection with the formation of new balance its famous product-specific decorations right earlier than niubanlun registered trademark of a company formed. So, based on operators in market trading in the should followed of honest credit principles and recognized of commercial moral, niubanlun company even needed in sneakers sides of specific location using registered trademark, also should full considered to and    air max 90 cheap   new balance company advocated of well-known merchandise unique decoration of similar sex, in May caused related consumers confusion of situation Xia, should take additional difference sex identifies of method using registered trademark, on has prior formed of involved well-known merchandise

unique decoration right be avoidance, to avoid related consumers of confusion. Horse grams Sports Chairman Xu Jingnan is a figure medium, and country Word face of Taiwanese people, like side drink Kung Fu tea side thinking, wear of is himself company manufacturing of t-shirt, often do of movement not now entrepreneurs were pop of playing golf but swimming, praised Taiwanese quotes "love spell only will win", feel career should accounted for life in the of is big share-as no reception arrangements, he every day will on time to company work. Peak Tower office building and plant the same simplicity, is not well-known in mainland companies almost on par with Nike, adidas. If the advertising is not the ubiquitous NBA stars, could barely see out of it and the surrounding plant has much to distinguish, on the first floor there is a small, Mrs Xu

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