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and ANTA (ANTA stores) brands. From 1990, "Li Ning"

Chinese shoes network-industry news" refers to sports brand 10 years ago, people will unconsciously think of Nike, adidas (adidas store), backed by the "foreign brands". Today, refers to sportswear, people still think Li Ning (Li Ning stores), and ANTA (ANTA stores) brands. From 1990, "Li Ning" was born, local sports brands have gone through   new balance 991 uk 20 years of development road of legend.Since 2009, the sports brand marketing into "fall into the ocean" of the era. Domestic brands to up-market share increased significantly, expanding at a thousand sales outlets, more

encouragingly from foreign hands to regain domestic market share in the first presidency. The case of Anta, now has 7,500 own-brand stores, sales of 1.25 billion yuan to 7.41 billion yuan from 2006.From the price point that local brands tend to be much "foreign brands" were a lot lower. But this did not prevent them from providing excellent solid workmanship, material products and high performance also won the hearts of more and more consumers.   new balance 996 ukLocal brand also has its own laboratory and research and development capabilities, able to meet consumers whether for everyday wear or sports training needs.

However, there are also professionals have pointed out that, due to fierce competition in the industry, the brand with the qualitative factors such as local sports brand's development will face increasing pressure. As the audience for "sports star +CCTV5 ads" extension model already produces fatigue. Future local sports brands how to get ahead of ourselves, enhancing the attractiveness of the brand (the appealing stores), is worthy of attention and look forward to. "Chinese-brand shoes network Dynamics" Beijing (Beijing stores) May 20, 2011 China Internet sports marketing Sports Marketing Summit and the second section senior awards

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