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the associations prompted consumers in the

CASE: Do not superstitious brandFor test results, the associations prompted consumers in the purchase of sports shoes, pay attention to the packaging label identifies whether the manufacturer's name and address, certificate and instructions for use, "three" tips . The most important thing is not superstitious brand and imported products , should be based on their need to buy. [ Chinese shoes Network - shoe sneakers dealer stock ]     new balance 574 womenYue Yuen Group ( 00551 ) announced that, as of the end of March this year interim results , net profit of $ 230 million , up 9.2% , earnings per share of 14 cents interim dividend $ 0.34 . Turnover for the period $ 3.302

billion , up 24.4 percent   Footwear business accounted for 70.8% of the turnover in the first half year increased by 19.7% yield , the average selling price rose 6.2% to $ 14.35 . The company said that the main customers see an average annual sales growth of recent fiscal and calendar year is also expected to achieve sales growth. The stock yesterday closed at 27 yuan , no change, 126 million shares traded , involving funding of about 34.1 million yuan . [ Chinese shoes Network - brand ] observed in many people 's eyes, sports apparel industry is a low-tech , labor-intensive industries, but in fact is not the case , the industry

and technology development has a close relationship . From fabric to garment production design, production , logistics, terminal sales , support and ultimately a part of any technological forces At present, the domestic consumer brands and the pursuit of     new balance 420 menscomfort is increasingly improved, shoes are to " Shang Shu " era , for which companies must adapt to this trend , developed to meet market demand. How to create customer the most comfortable wearing experience ? How to extend the product line to seek cross-cutting ? How to leading the fashion forefront wave of the wave ? Are becoming shoes enterprises to further expand market share

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