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Li Ning took over the CBA hopes financed an average 100 million

Why did Li Ning wrote of this occupation CBA? there is a complex story.Ying high prices caused manufacturers to renew in price warSomething to say during last season's CBA League. 2011-12 season is Anta sponsors the 7th season of the CBA, and they contract with the CBA League last season. And as operators of  air max 1 sale the CBA League full time company for contract renewal with the CBA on. Due to rapid development of CBA League in recent years, it has become a major sports brand and the sport operating company in the eyes o  air max 90 womensf the flesh, everybody wants to eat in your belly. Thus, 2011-12 the end of the season, companies scramble on the official stage of the CBA League.According to the China Basketball Association that year

agreement signed with Pacific Century CyberWorks, Ying company in CBA League after 7 years of operation have priority right to renew their contracts, life of 5 years. At this point, the industry in its Olympics sports and the former    air max 95 sale FIBA President Carl men KY Ching is Chairman of Shanghai Jia Yi group to join the CBA League operators scramble. After a complex bidding process, full company successfully renew CBA League offers an average of 330 million Yuan for 5 years.Operators battle for not only this time CBA League value  air max lunar uk increases nearly 10 times overnight, more sports brands covet the CBA League were also drawn into a price war. Moreover, the sports rivalry between brands is actually much better than operators scramble to put on much earlier.

Early sponsorship was raised to billion2011-12 season starts soon, I was informed that the CBA League main sponsor of the competition for the future has already begun. When Li Ning and Anta and NIKE had already been among the few companies to  air max humara sale join the battle. To Guangzhou before the all-star break, there had been rumors that Li Ning took over the CBA hopes financed an average 100 million Yuan. NIKE out 150 million per year to the higher hopes to take over, and Anta's offer of only 80 million Yuan.But in Guangzhou at the all-star game, NIKE has pulled out of the competition, they found 150 million annual CBA League in prices couldn't hold in your arms, because competition for League operators, has exceeded the average

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