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po regional dealers in Hangzhou, Shanghai Hui-day trading development

Reporter then call the Yin po regional dealers in Hangzhou, Shanghai Hui-day trading development limited company Hangzhou branch, Ms Wu. The latter admitted that currently really only in Hangzhou jiebai SGD Wah Po counters   nike blazers sale

within the DOI, and will be withdrawn by the end of this month. This also means that Yan Po Hangzhou market, wi l quit at the end of this month.Yin Bao discount stores still openYin Bao stationed in Hangzhou in the last century 90 's, was opened in Hangzhou has more than 20 stores and counters, why are now come to such a situation?This years sports bra  nike blazers for mennds slid too far, Yan Bao has not been spared. "Hui Commerce and Hangzhou branch when analyzing the withdrawn because Ms Wu said.

Yan Bao's own internal management will have a question? why new update so slow? " We now really have no fresh supplies, but because yan Bao's products have been for many years, there are still a lot of inventory. ”But Wu    womens nike blazer lowladies also said, while now in Hangzhou do are price shop has difficulty, but can tries to opened discount shop, especially students comparison concentrated of place, actually, DOI Po solutions hundred new Yuan China Shoppe is who discount shop, "and line movement brand compared to, DOI  womens nike blazer high Po products of price also is comparison high of, if is do students market, is discount shop, should also can try try. ”

One industry source told reporters that the DOI treasure itself is a very good brand, this time quit Hangzhou, could be agents of a problem with convergence, lead Hangzhou region without fresh supplies available.Hangzhou INtime Wulin road   nike cortez trainers uk DOI treasure Shoppe also depart in February this year. "Product updates is slow, decline is also evident. "INtime witnessing the Head Office of the Deputy General Manager Wang Xiang told reporters"China shoes network-industry news" "200-for-400", and 88 percent of new products, discounts on these previously rarely seen in sports brands, but now they are very popular. Reporter recently visited the markets found that sports brand prices have "hard" up. A department store in Guangzhou, Li Ning, 361 degrees most of the merchandise is

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