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China Youth shoe brand" is the most scientific, most forward-looking

Speed-Yu, to be areas served in the sneakers out of an unusual path, you need precise brand positioning. We tend to remember only the champions in the sporting movement, just like basketball's Yao Ming and athletics Liu Xiang,    nike air max 90 cheap   diver Guo jingjing, because only the champion is an example, only models have a powerful force. "China Youth shoe brand" is the most scientific, most forward-looking Yu speed brand positioning. Yu speed is this clear positioning decision expected within the next few years rapid development, speed decides to woo as young people's favourite sports brands in the future.


Brand communications strength--integration of popular stars Yi can enhance brand effectBrand's power derives from spreading, and by spreading brand awareness is    cheap nike air maxt he first step of forming brand power. After Yu speed as a youth brand, to improve visibility within the shortest time only integrated media    nike air max 2013 cheap resource path. Most powerful communication resources in early, middle and late, respectively are the stars, advertising, and public relations.


Import stars spreading resources is the first step in brand communications. Choose what kind of stars can be fast and good brand communication is an art. We believe that the most crucial matches the temperament of a star that is in the course of the bran     nike air max 95 saled personality. Speed-Yu is a "mainstream value creating youth life" as the mission brand, it is health, fashion and trends of elements that are passed,    nike air max 1 cheap   what kind of Star temperament matched Yu speed of it? After extensive market research and in-depth analysis, we decided to spend 2 million hire has extensive influence in young people, Zeng as a super brand Yu voice with exemplary effect, Zeng as of 2009 China's most controversial stars, reflecting the charm typical

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