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s understood that the fast fashion

astonishing. "Fast fashion" generally "short-lived" threw the clothes to wear only a season hurts Fast fashion brand in people's desire to buy the "surge" as well as ridicule. Although prices of fast fashion brand and style is very tempting, but the materials and workmanship are its "short Board". Miss Sun is the public advocates of fast fashion commodity last year when ZARA came to Jinan, she had bought three shirts. Naked several times,   air max light uk however, appeared one of Ravel's case. Now, less than a year, only one can wear three shirts. "Although the cotton shirt, but cotton is not very good. Washing continues with, wearing No. "Miss Sun said. Buy when looking at "arrogant", but just a few months into "rags", fast fashion is so "short-lived"? it is understood that the fast fashion

brand of clothing is worn in a foreign country for a season, "foreigner's idea is not like us, the clothes they wear out or perish, so there's no need to be too wear. "A fast fashion brand's staff. For this explanation, Miss Sun think it is "too much". "In the past we pay attention to the new three-year, three-year old, filleted and again for three years. Life is better now and can not wear one season throw? " Miss Sun said. "A shirt more than 200 Yuan, a three-month season of only 100 days. Even everyday wear, cost 2 much money every day, this one can be really expensive. Now in addition to Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road, Xianxia road, Shanghai traditional "fashion Holy Land" more young street fashion to start a regional gathering, take root in Shanghai, Shanghai

became one of the youngest, hippest, most trends emerging fashion icon. Changle road, xinle Lu and julu Lu, Tian Zi Fang, new flows of world shops clustered area, attracted more and more like SOURCE, Sugar, NPC the tide store presence, become the fashionable place of pilgrimage. Now, let us explore the tide store in Shanghai. Street fashion shops in  air max 97 uk Shanghai STYLEVADER SPACE (SVS): enjian (Vader) to create a collection of multi-brand concept store SVS STYLEVADER SPACE (SVS) is a well-known creator Yu Enjian across borders (Vader) collection of multi-brand concept store is created, has its own-brand fashion STYLEVADER dark styles, and SVS men and

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