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ive or six, mostly for the shoe factory

and day and night can run more than 400 pieces, expenditure can earn 80 to 100 Yuan. Now business is hard, earn 30 dollars a day, he will be satisfied. Huang BU shoe industry association, before Kuala Lumpur bridgehead to at least 10 bucks at the door, charge 8 bucks do not have much business now. He said villagers around him a  asics gel hyper 33 2 mens   lot, he is prepared to find another way out. Stalls at the advertising business is worse than before Sunrise advertising is located in Kuala Lumpur, Huang BU Zhen, SITC guy Peng Yixian independently run stalls here. There is some 10 stalls in front of advertising light boxes, mostly shoes factory signs. Translate Yin Peng said that two years before doing business better, and significantly worse than last year. Can do a month on average more than 10 new light box before, but now only five or six, mostly for the shoe factory

and old clients, but many of these clients is because shoe factories relocated and making labels---in order to save costs, the original plant moved to a small plant. Some old light box is to be refurbished, but no one came to take after the fetch. Shopping evening rush hour congestion is no longer Wan Jia fu Huang BU larger, Mall shopping, street   asics gel saga uk hawkers in front of all kinds of clothing, food, jewelry, attracting a large number of shoe factory workers came to leisure and shopping. Previous time out, stall as long as the TV, always packed with a shoe factory worker in front. A Fujian tea shop owner said, wanted to pull into to unload in half an hour to walk 100 meters and can now step on the gas in this street. Landlady the rent was cheap one-third run out of

business Kuala Lumpur bridgeheads on either side, there are numerous rental advertisements posted. Li Xinyue is Kuala Lumpur and alone before the rent income more than more than 3,000 yuan a month, and now houses several vacant or unoccupied for nearly half a year, now rent is cheaper than before one-third, there are not many people who rent. Why, "plant down, fewer people are! "Li Xinyue said. This year, the "God of wealth" are tough. Li Xinyue has pointed out, reporters saw Kuala Lumpur bridgehead cement side place it at the altar of incense with four or five different sizes of wealth, there is also a shrine and fell to the ground. She said that starting from the second half of last year, some people secretly sent money to be here, seeing off seven or eight in the first half, now turned up four or five. Huang BU Wan Jia fu County side of the Plaza,

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