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After the cloth is a circular blade cutting, divided

enterprises have begun to purchase raw materials, spot trading is becoming active, cotton prices are expected to continue to rise, but worrying is that recent market forecasts for China's imminent issuance of quota is increasing wary of buying behavior of textile enterprises, higher formation pressure on prices. Italy Kemei, launched a new shuttleless looms Time: 2007-03-06 16:38 source: apparel business online Italy beauty company (COMEZ)  air max plus cheap recently launched a CLM/V that can be used in the production of rigid and elastic velvet Ribbon type shuttleless looms. During the weaving process, the machine produces 2 cascading Ribbon and driven by a chain or cam 4 frame guide the warp to be joined together. Alternate warp in woven between the straps above and below the belt, and forming a three dimensional fabric. After the cloth is a circular blade cutting, divided

into two pieces of Ribbon. Due to electronic control, the machine can be very precisely conveying the warp to get different levels of chorionic villus and quick operation, without changing the mechanical parts of the machine. CLM/V Dobby is equipped with 8~20 lever, you can provide a CLM/V500 (equipped with 4 to 6 woven head) and CLM/V700   cheap nike air yeezy    (equipped with 6 to 8 woven head) more than two types of arms. Near Festival Shi, cotton quotes again riding to "Kan" Shang, "upper and lower dilemma, retreat are worries" is cotton spot commercial, and electronic trading commercial of General mentality, Festival Qian to spot pull futures, and outside disc promoted within disc, and purchase and sale Enterprise supporting up cotton price of expected repeatedly

failed, caused "some small rolling spent enterprise as catch in Festival Qian falls bags for Ann, big of cotton Ma company and purchase and sale Enterprise holding goods stay sell, not rose to 14000Refused to sell ", before the mill quietly complement funding situation is slightly better raw material inventory, most textile enterprises has adopted" hand-to-mouth buying strictly into the wide "approach to short-term unsustainable stock reverse market. Market Shang has two species claims: a is national policy decided market to; another a is supply situation eventually led cotton price, holding Qian a views of people more of energy put in national when SEO quota, one-time issued number and points times Chase sent and national in financial, and Yuan currency, and export rebate whether continues to cut in the; Hou a views of people is from production to

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