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complexity is very high, accurate forecasting,

eed to improve the transparency of the supply chain management, to be able to accurately track the raw materials, manufacturing processes and finished products. Practice has proved that on market demand and supply chains can help enterprises simplify the complexity of effective control, monitoring cash flow, avoid excessive expansion and underemployment. For garment manufacturers, due to a wide variety of raw materials, raw material warehouse management often have to spend a lot of manpower. Moreover, due to the relatively low barriers t  air max humara uk   o entry in this industry, mainly expressed in terms of brands and services, retail outlets, whether it is essential to provide consumers with the products. In addition, reducing channel costs which a manufacturer must consider issues. In the management of this complexity is very high, accurate forecasting,

materials management, production planning and distribution management is more important. Faced with these problems, wireless barcode solutions became those of garment enterprises are making efforts to enhance the brand value of the option. This year, the rising cost of viscose filament, insiders are worried but also wanted to know what customers really think clearly and advice. By the author personally visited recently on the market and gathering information. Customer perspective are as follows: 1, most of the downstream clients  air max wright uk     (whether within or outside the Bill), all want price stability, so they'd better do, and there is no risk; 2, the industry now manufacturers raised prices, mainly due to the raw material, chemicals, energy, transportation, caused by factors such as prices, most of them expressed their understanding; Part 3, the

intermediate products that customers (such as embroidery thread clients) thought to rise up a little more, they have no profits, can be eliminated is not strong opponents, in addition, they can also rise, so as to make a profit; 4, and customers felt that same market, rayon was going for 50,000 also does not matter, key suppliers to synchronize. And raw materials used and still use it. Because of the different steps, their competitors are cheaper than their sources of supply, its own customers to maintenance, market share will be affected; 5, some customers think: price goes up, not down, and prices they difficult to do; Based on the above information. To manufacturer's recommendations are: 1, the price should give full publicity, justification, towards understanding and raw materials; 2, the prices must be synchronized; 3, fully believe that smaller price elasticity

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