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2006 United States textile top source of imports in turn were: China, Mexico, and India, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, (China), Hong Kong, Canada, and Honduras, these ten sources accounted for 64% of us imports of all textile products. (D) the trade deficit continued to widen, its trade deficit with China rapidly increasing 2006 US textile products? trade deficit amounted to 83 billion dollars, an increase of 4.8%, 9.9% of the total deficit on trade in goods accounted for beauty. Costume deficit of 70.3 billion US dollars, accounting for  air max light uk    8  4.7% of textile product trade deficit, an increase of 4.1%; a deficit of 12.8 billion dollars of textiles, textile product trade deficit accounted for 15.3%, up 8.5%. From mainland China's trade deficit of us $ 29.6 billion, an increase of 16.7%, 35.7% per cent of overall deficit of textile products.Found in bed checks in this

city "carcinogenic textiles". This morning, the municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision announced the production of bedding inspection results: 29 of 53 kinds of bedding manufacturers, qualified only 29 species, sampling rate is only 55%.  air max 97 uk    Among them, Beijing countered bedding plant production in January this year at a nominal "think gram" brand linen detected cancer-causing aromatic amine dyes. Blacklist Beijing countered bedding plants in January this year at a nominal production of "think gram" brand linen, check out 1 disable decomposition of aromatic amine dyes reddish-brown flowers. Love neon dream ship trading company in Beijing in November 2006 at a nominal production of "Neon dream Ani-mate love boat" brand linen, unqualified for colour fastness. Nominal Furama bedding co in December 2006

in Beijing produced "fulihua" quilt, mark cotton 100%, practical 91% of cotton, viscose 9%. Beautiful Oriental embroidery factory production in December 2006 at a nominal "grace" sheet, mark 100% cotton, practical cotton 71%, polyester, viscose fiber 2%; specifications for 160x205 cm quilt, mark 100% cotton, practical 88% for cotton, viscose 12%. Nominal Tan knitwear Ltd manufactured in November 2006, Beijing "Beijing" brand of double sheets, mark cotton, practical 96% for cotton, viscose 4%. D044 seeks to lead by price index system of Chinese textile industry upgrade Time: 2007-03-18 18:06 source: apparel business online Global textile profit era has coming, China textile enterprise traditional of number competition, and price competition mode will go into dead end, to to China textile industry upgrade looking for new path and important

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