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is almost ' full ', but the atmosphere, all the

the most famous production, trade of sneakers. Jinjiang footwear e-commerce business has developed rapidly in recent years, there have been more than 6,000 enterprises of electric business, which was established last year, the Municipal Electric Association of homeopathy. Relying on footwear mature industrial chain and a strong brand,   asics gel hyper 33 2 mens   chendai town, Jinjiang City Government initiated, a number of well-known enterprises to participate in investment, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, to build up a "China shoes e-Commerce Center". It is also the mission focused on research. "The Center is a nine-storey commercial building, the momentum is enough. "OU, Chairman of e-commerce, Wenzhou Zhu Jiguang was the expedition's sponsor, but into the atmosphere of the Centre surprised him," berth is almost ' full ', but the atmosphere, all the

transactions are transferred to the line for reasons. ” In the course of subsequent visits, delegation members learned that at present, the Centre has built more than 40,000 square meters, opened in last April, operation, has absorbed more than 400 enterprises in this district. In 1 year of operation, the Centre, focusing on configuring hardware and software  asics gel saga uk services for enterprises, overall planning, products, logistics, e-business district area and service area, to provide professional service categories. Since then, the delegation also visited the baby industry innovation Park, Jinjiang and a number of e-commerce and related service companies, and paid a visit to the local economic and Trade Bureau and merchant Association, found a common problem: the age of big data with not for rapidly changing data processing power, high-end electrical contractor personnel

on issues such as stay. During our visit at the 15th session of the China (Jinjiang) International Shoe Exposition held. "Shoe Expo continues to hold, and also a channel for Jinjiang footwear brand into the international, but also for enterprises in Jinjiang won enough orders. "E-Commerce Association of Wenzhou Cao Wangqiang believes that this" Government set up the stage, the govenments "manner, Wenzhou is also worth trying. Second visit to the investigation in Jinjiang, he felt the rapid pace of development of the e-commerce industry in Jinjiang, Jinjiang and Wenzhou the advantages of different idea of developing e-commerce should also differ. "Jinjiang and Wenzhou as ' Chinese shoes are ' captains ' fashion shoes Jinjiang ' sneakers ' more competitive in the market, to a certain extent, Wenzhou shoe industry chain development of more

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