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scientific and technological development,

exceed the international similar products, is the company's technology patents and the shoes of the level of science and technology. "Li-Ning bow" shock absorber technology platform enables its products to a comfortable foot feeling better than high-end products, is the company's breakthrough technology innovation, has been converted  adidas originals zx 700 sale   into valuable innovations for Li Ning company assets. Trinity collection campaigns, products and brands, underscores China's sporting spirit, "Li Ning" arc technology platform, following "Li-Ning bow" platform of science and technology, Li-Ning developed another shoe products in the field of science and technology platforms. This platform adhering to the Li-Ning's technology platform fusion of Eastern wisdom and modern scientific and technological development, bearing the Li-Ning brand innovation

continue to make breakthroughs in science and technology. Known as Li-Ning arc, is defined by a set of curved structures of hollow structures that connected. The exact shape of the arc, through repeated experiments, preferably out of the various shapes such as round, semicircular. This curved structure evolved from the deep Palmar arch structure by the  asics gel kinsei 4 ladies Li Ning, which arc structure better able to deform during exercise and recovery, to absorb the shock generated by the movement and thus play a structural advantage of cushioning, called the soul of the entire restraint systems. After years of efforts, Li-Ning's technology platform continues to improve, gold continues to increase. This summer, the third generation of "Li Ning" arc products will soon be available, consumers have to wait. We are convinced that the third-generation technology platform

product will live up to expectations, will the company's innovation and technology to new heights. Long suits, adhering to the spirit of innovation innovation and create the future Li Ning company in terms of product innovation to lead the trend, has a glorious history. Since 1990, the company created, every Olympic Games, from the award suits to the professional race suit, with Li-Ning brand in the Chinese delegation. Li-Ning will not only break the world sports landscape of foreign brands to monopolize the world, became one of the classic signs of China's Olympic. Li Ning opened up the Chinese sports delegation from 2000 "long service" history of inheriting Chinese traditional dragon spirit, to cheer off potential Olympic athletes. Li Ning, the 2012 Olympic Games in London with a dragon theme "scales" series a suit that would be conducive to China's

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