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ombination of comfort, for consumers to interpret a fashionable English style, naturally well received by consumers, and the launch of "Alpacas" men's shoes, great brands camel fortress, undoubtedly had a "yabakui". On November 26, 2011 e-commerce held in Guangzhou, the net annual meeting, seven birds Governor Liu, Chairman of the company, holding the hot sale men's shoes by brands camel imitation "Alpacas" ready to roll to the camel company President Wan Jingang, performed the scene rocked the venue of the "shoe-throwing.  air max humara uk" Threw a shoe at the end is blocked by a staff member of the General Assembly, we can see that seven-degree bird's indignation. It is understood that, as the concentrate on product businesses, seven birds, the

company rarely surfaced in the media, but has been concentrating on products, branded products inherit the exquisite handmade craft and quality materials, unique stereo shaping technology, laminate the modern foot design aesthetics, has accumulated a  air max wright uk lot of loyal consumers. "Circle marketing" in recent years, more precise, more in-depth marketing influence their way in the real estate industry, and with the socio-economic development and the maturing of the market, the new and more effective marketing model began to permeate into other fields. Recently, the domestic leading fashion brands Po who flip flops to world famous Swarovski Crystal manufacturer introduced a luxury jewelry fashion slipper series, heralds the fashion industry the rise of

cross-border circle marketing. Bao and Swarovski teamed up a modern fairy tale Located in "manufacturing" Quanzhou baofeng shoes Ltd, earlier served as a global OEM Factory provides production services for world famous shoe brands, products are well known throughout Europe and, according to incomplete statistics, one out of every ten Americans is wearing baofeng shoes. Baofeng however knows that, even with a strong manufacturing power, simply rely on OME processing cannot always leads to business success in the face of fierce market competition, only with independent labels and product innovation can hold. Through the accumulation of years of experience in foundry technology and baofeng began to improve its product line and its human cost advantages into product quality advantages, and introduced "Bao Feng" and "person" the two

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