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yuan, 2016 may reached 2.7 trillion yuan.

the breakthrough for high inventory as well as open platform of investment, but also to improve the user structure. "As representatives of the special mode, vipshop rapid growth proves this point. Integrated e-commerce growth is slowing, when price war seemed endless, but will always remain more than 100% growth in 2013, 1th quarter net income of $ 5.8 million. Users repeat purchase rate of up to 70%, so this cake natural vancl, dangdang  air max classic bw sale, T in cat eye. "Some people in the industry tell billion State power grid. Statistics show that China discount retail market space is enormous, in 2013, the entire domestic apparel sales of 2 trillion yuan, 2016 may reached 2.7 trillion yuan.

References United States apparel market, calculated in accordance with 20% stock, all of China's stock will reach 400 billion yuan, 2016 will increase by 500 billion yuan. Ronnie MARCHIORI honey brand origin Mr Kim Lau, founder of the brand in Europe during the study and met famous Italy designer Marchiori. Kim Lau very much agree with his art and ideas into the women's essence, and germination of a design concept with the idea of returning to China, let more Eastern women experience the "concept into the shoes" charm ... .   nike air yeezy 2 sale.. In 1996, Kim Lau after returning home, our "ideas into shoes" essence, created with different moods, for you to match a different beautiful fashion footwear brand--MARCHIORI. Ronnie MARCHIORI honey brand growth First

honey Ronnie brand stores opened in 1997, marks originating from Italy design brand MARCHIORI (honey silk Ronnie) was born. Ronni 1998-2000 honey brand stores in major cities all over the country. In 2001, Shenzhen honey Ronnie Shoe chain co., Ltd. founded. Mark MARCHIORI (honey silk Ronnie) will mark the country's major brands malls department stores. In 2012, the honey positioned to review the past and look to the future to examine the review inadequate, carry forward the heritage advantage. In terms of staff, research and development, production, promotion, marketing a comprehensive well being elevated. Ronnie MARCHIORI honey brand style Create brand DNA--"simple, versatile, comfortable, and meticulous" style.

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