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comments. Impression of Zhang Qing, Li

LOGO and slogan, "good", but the outside world sees, is the plan-Ning in a quagmire deeper than the person. Li Ning lost a lot of customers – over 30 years old, according to the survey consumer age for Li Ning 50% 35-40. For Li Ning in the role of management in the past, Li Ning, worked as a teacher's interpretation of Guanghua School of management Peking University Professor Wang Yafei EMBA Center said: "Li-Ning's personality    asics gel noosa tri 9 women's    is simple, in fact, one sense is not suitable for business, can you imagine him to Dunning looks like? he was able to gather talented people around him, as he used. ” Li Ning interviewed employees, although some quibbled about the Li Ning's ability, but she and Li Ning's character had no comments. Impression of Zhang Qing, Li

Ning, thickness moderate, for the sake of employees. Once in central Henan province finished activity, we discuss where to eat dinner, Li Ning, Zhang Qing, saying, "we eat halal Braised noodle bar, look small, he is a Muslim. ” Li Ning and top management has always been a "shared world", unless the other person is no longer qualified. Even if the release  asics gel lyte iii mens command, nor to embarrass each other. Chen Yihong is an entrepreneurial venture brothers, competent, but delays led Li Ning exceeded 1 billion dollars annual revenue threshold, Li Ning company, on balance he replaced Chen Yihong. But not wiped out, but Chen Yihong redeployed to China, and later to sell equity to the latter, is also made Chen Yihong own career. Until now, at the time of an interview

with the Chinese entrepreneurs, Li Ning said: "Chen Yihong good......" Zhang Zhiyong, yet he remained among the Li-Ning's Board of Directors, as a consultant, "I about Zhi Yong with a few days ago about the job, do youToday, the game has seen, fulfils this. Just when sporting goods companies contraction front, fast fashion brand market gobbles up more aggressive, a little attention, area of the Mall belongs to Central Plains of Nike and Li Ning, today many have changed the Hall, belonging to the H&M, ZARA or UNIQLO. The rise of fast fashion in China, forcing Chinese sports brand to rethink aggregation problem of professional sports, it has become a trend. One industry source also pointed out that if Li Ning has made mistakes in the past, and

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